58 definitions by Elizabeth

1.)Meaning for a guy to ejaculate/cum.
2.) To tell a person to get off the top off you.
1.) Dan totally got off after Elizabeth gave him a mind-blowing blowjob.
2.) *Person A jumps onto Person B*
Person A: RAWR!!!!
Person B: DUDE! GET OFF!!!
by Elizabeth March 3, 2005
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An internet action/emotion. No spicific definition. Can be used for anything from a sexual gesture to a moment of hard thought.
*Clessure* Ahh, that felt gooood. Do it again Amber!
by Elizabeth June 4, 2004
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a remark to put someone down, insult meaning nerd or loser or whimp.
shut-up biscuitt head!
by Elizabeth April 5, 2004
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In the state of complete boredom. =)
I am feeling quite blaghdibahn today!
by Elizabeth March 11, 2005
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