58 definition by Elizabeth

long luchious hair protruding from the big toe of Kara's foot.
Kara your toehair is so soft and luchious like a Donald Trump hair piece.
by elizabeth May 01, 2004

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a guy that is dead! duh! lol
have ever seen a real dead guy? i have and he was all waxy looking after the morge was done with him
by elizabeth April 10, 2004

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A man who is married, but is so girly he claims - without reservation - that the obviously pink shirt he is wearing is really "PEACH" as he huffs and taps his foot with his hand on his hip.
Everyone stared at the metrosexual as he whined when his wife decided a good nickname for him would be "Peaches."
by Elizabeth July 31, 2003

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To have an untimely attack of hot, explosive diarrhea.
Heidi had a Kramer Attack at Wal-mart. Her pants show evidence that she barely made it to the bathroom.
by Elizabeth May 12, 2003

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An internet action/emotion. No spicific definition. Can be used for anything from a sexual gesture to a moment of hard thought.
*Clessure* Ahh, that felt gooood. Do it again Amber!
by Elizabeth June 04, 2004

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Someone or Something who starts or spreads a lot of rumors
The 6th graders in our school are so rumorish
by Elizabeth December 12, 2004

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a remark to put someone down, insult meaning nerd or loser or whimp.
shut-up biscuitt head!
by elizabeth April 05, 2004

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