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something very cool/ good
This is some bomb ass pizza. or This is a bomb ass club.
by elizabeth April 05, 2004

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One def. of "Avril" is is the month "April" in the French language. However, "Avril" is also the 1st name of the pop/rock singer Avril Lavigne, originating from Napanee, Ontario, Canada.
1.) Let's make a rendezvous in Avril... (lol, I sound bad at French; I don't know hardly any words.)

2.)Avril Lavigne is one of the coolest singers ever!!!!
by Elizabeth September 03, 2004

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1.)Meaning for a guy to ejaculate/cum.
2.) To tell a person to get off the top off you.
1.) Dan totally got off after Elizabeth gave him a mind-blowing blowjob.
2.) *Person A jumps onto Person B*
Person A: RAWR!!!!
Person B: DUDE! GET OFF!!!
by Elizabeth March 03, 2005

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the eighth wonder of the world...whoever came up with track, you are amazing.
To JJSupah whoever you are: screw you, you'd probably pass out after one of our practices
by Elizabeth April 14, 2005

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a noun or adjective relating to a woman's pleasantly round ass.
noun: check out that girl's ba-donka-donk.
adjective: she's got a ba-donka-donk ass.
by elizabeth November 04, 2003

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A person who is multi talented and do a routine with at least one of these flag, rifle, baton, and can in some cases dance, must know how to march.
Look at the color guard in the band their flags are so pretty.
by Elizabeth September 15, 2003

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A female pervert.
She's thinks about sex all the time... what a pervette.
by Elizabeth March 30, 2005

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