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when a bunch of nerdy guys come on the tv screen together
Guy 1: Hey guys want to play some Unreal?
Guy 2: No dude I just downloaded the Paris Hilton video.
Guy 3: Alright bro, it is time to bukkake our computer screens!!!
by Elizabeth March 30, 2004
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A male or female who generally attends a private school or attended a private school as a child. Preps typically come from wealthy families, but are not flamboyant with their money. This term origininated in the Northeastern United States. Preps play tennis, golf, lacrosse and field hockey. Preps often attend country clubs and are well-mannered. Despite popular belief, true preps do NOT wear abercrombie, hollister, and american eagle, they wear Polo, lilly pulizter, lacoste and other such brands.
That prep over there in the lilly dress went to Hotchkiss for tennis and is on her way to Princeton. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut but she vacations in Nantucket.
by Elizabeth March 2, 2005
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Someone or Something who starts or spreads a lot of rumors
The 6th graders in our school are so rumorish
by Elizabeth December 12, 2004
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An accurance, situation, or circumstance that is so incredibly stupid, dumb, ignorant, or just plain gay that there is no other way to describe it.
That outfit is queerific. OR
Putting rims, a $1500 sound system, and neon lights on a rusted, dented Nova is queerific.
by Elizabeth November 4, 2003
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a whore who endulges herself in spunk for the pleasure of others
kim pedianticd herself for matt so that he could get off
by Elizabeth November 5, 2003
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She's thinks about sex all the time... what a pervette.
by Elizabeth March 30, 2005
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short for plastic wood, or veneered particle board
"I know he thinks it's fine furniture, but that desk is made of plood."
by Elizabeth January 3, 2004
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