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An inappropriate use of "we" wherein the speaker is not actually part of the group. In an instance of the Teacher's "we," "you" should always be used instead.
"Today, class, we're going to be learning about idioms." Except, of course, it's YOU that's going to be doing the learning. Foolz. Not me. And certainly not us.
by elizabeth November 11, 2004
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long luchious hair protruding from the big toe of Kara's foot.
Kara your toehair is so soft and luchious like a Donald Trump hair piece.
by elizabeth May 1, 2004
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the eighth wonder of the world...whoever came up with track, you are amazing.
To JJSupah whoever you are: screw you, you'd probably pass out after one of our practices
by elizabeth April 14, 2005
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A veiled invitation for sex.
"Do you want to come over and, uh, play Trivial Pursuit?"
by elizabeth May 5, 2004
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one who enjoys sucking on chicken teet. expecially one with a bisexual or homosexual orientation. or PrinceDerek Allums. somewhat similar to the Assgoblin except not as talented at shuffling cards
Wow, PrinceDerek sure is a tittygargoyle. He had that chicken on its back in a flash.
by elizabeth July 20, 2004
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the act of accidentally squirting cum on one's own face
Roberto was so excited during the hand job that he performed a self-bukkake. He wasn't sure whether to feel disgusted or proud for making the distance.
by elizabeth March 29, 2004
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1. One who displays an extreme need of education

2. A term of general endearment, usually denoted by context and audience
Dearest Meatpuppet, I'm sorry if you don't understand the concept of proper grammar, however every time you send me an email containing incomplete sentences and/or and obscene amount of periods, I will flog you. This is called operant conditioning.
by elizabeth December 30, 2005
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