58 definition by Elizabeth

a nice way of said fucking a
by elizabeth August 13, 2003

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An accurance, situation, or circumstance that is so incredibly stupid, dumb, ignorant, or just plain gay that there is no other way to describe it.
That outfit is queerific. OR
Putting rims, a $1500 sound system, and neon lights on a rusted, dented Nova is queerific.
by Elizabeth November 04, 2003

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An emormous arse generally sicking out a lot and provides a soft surface to sit on rather like a cushion.
mannnn that girl has a cushion arse
by elizabeth April 18, 2005

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In the state of complete boredom. =)
I am feeling quite blaghdibahn today!
by elizabeth March 11, 2005

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something that is awsome
Thats some feewang shit!
by Elizabeth February 05, 2005

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a whore who endulges herself in spunk for the pleasure of others
kim pedianticd herself for matt so that he could get off
by elizabeth November 05, 2003

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when a bunch of nerdy guys come on the tv screen together
Guy 1: Hey guys want to play some Unreal?
Guy 2: No dude I just downloaded the Paris Hilton video.
Guy 3: Alright bro, it is time to bukkake our computer screens!!!
by Elizabeth March 29, 2004

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