Battlefield 1942 Clan known for well administered servers and little tolerance for assclowns. Also known as TLB.
Motto: "The clan that just wants to play the damn game"
I got kicked from The Lazy Bastards Server.
by Festy the Dentist April 19, 2008
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Usually when someone is too stupid to look something up for themselves, normally because they're a n00b, they're a lazy bastard.
Mu$e :: Do you need t oregister HL2 to play it ?
Bosseye :: Yes, and you somehow managed to miss 1000s of threads on the exact same thing, you lazy bastard.
Mu$e :: What do you expect, I'm a n00b.
by Plutonium Chihuahua December 3, 2004
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Ah there's nothing like lazy bastardizing on hot summer days.
by Prophet of Confusion April 8, 2008
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