Definitely one of the coolest sports ever. Played by the most in-shape, athletic, and determined girls. Involves a stick (wood or composite), a cork and plastic ball, and a goal cage. Played with sometimes 7, sometimes 11 players of the field including the goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper has got to be the bravest, awesomest, hottest girl ever to stand in goal like that and let heavy balls be shot at her. Simply awesome.
Stupid person 1: woah, what's that sport called? it looks soo awesome. they're uniforms kick ass!

Stupid person 2: dude, i have no idea, but those are some pretty hot determined looking girls over there.

Awesome Educated person: Dumbasses, that's just the best sport in the world right there, with the hottest, awesomest girls ever created. Damn.

** All in awe**
by Field hockey freaaaaak! November 12, 2004
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Kick ass sport played mainly by girls (in America) who aren't afraid to run around in skirts and get hit by field hockey sticks.

NOT played by all lesbians. In fact, all the girls i know who play it have sexy boyfriends.
Let's go play some field hockey.
by Emily April 13, 2005
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A game in which 11 players on each team play for two 35 minute halfs. similar in many ways to soccer. ecept players cannot kick the ball. sticks are used (similar to ice hockey sticks)

ball often travelover 90mph and serious injuries can occur quite often.

not many people seem to understand the sport even though, it is for both men and women and is actually to worlds second most played sport.
err... a game of hockey!!
by Smithy January 10, 2005
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A difficult, physically exhuasting sport played by aggressive and determined girls and sometimes guys. There are usually 11 players on the field (right back, center back, left back, right mid, center mid, left mid, right wing, right link, left link, left wing and goalie.) The point of the game is to drive the plastic/cork ball into the opposing teams' goal. Those who say field hockey isn't a real sport, you are truly ignorant. You must be able to endure the constant sprinting and be able to stop, dribble, slap, push and drive the ball for long distances. You must be able to endure the constant pain of places where you've been hitten by a stick or ball and sprains. Field Hockey players DO NOT play because we want to feel important, nor is it for the entertainment of male watchers. Players play for the love of the game, which is the only way you can stand 6 month hockey season (pre-season starting in June and the season ending in November.) The game has nothing to do with sexuallity, out of the 50 some people on my team, every single one of us is straight. Although it is true that many Field Hockey players wear skirts to play, some wear shorts, meaning the game has nothing to do with wanting to see other girls in short skirts. If anybody disrespecting Field Hockey played for just one game, you would be amazed by people who can stand it for a whole season.
Stephaine: What are you doing after school?
Julia: I've got field hockey practice for the next three hours.
Stephanie: Man, you still play that? It was so hard I had to quit during pre-season. You must really love the sport, I respect that.
by Field Hockey Player September 29, 2007
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Background - A sport played widely in Europe and Asia since the late 18th/early 19th century. More dominantly played by females in America, it is a sport played by both men and women. As the years passed, the equipment for this sport has evolved greatly. Known simply as 'hockey' in countries other than America, field hockey is often denounced as a 'girly sport', a predominanly lesbian sport, or as not really hockey. However, none of this is true. It is an olympic sport, and is among the top 5 most played sports in the world.

The Game - The game consists of two teams of 11 (including a goalie), trying to get the ball into the opposite goalcage. There are two 35-minute halves in collegiate and international play, and two 30-minute halves in varsity high school play. Field hockey is known to have alot of fouls, but most are called just to keep the game safe. Many different types of hits are allowed, such as drives, pushes, flicks, scoops, drags, chokes, slaps, and chips.

Equipment - The sticks are flat on one side, which is the only side you may hit the small, hard, plastic ball with. The stick may be composed of wood or of composite material, usually a combination of glassfibre, carbon, and aramide.
Field hockey is a very fun and competitive sport.
by ohh so controversial October 30, 2005
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THE most awesome sport in the entire world. Honestly. No lesbians on either of my teams, its not that common. 11 players on a side. Have amazing lower body strength due to hardcore conditioning. Bend over often. Play low and are good with their stick skills. Use one side of our sticks which are either wood or composite. Every year there is a festival at either Palm Springs, Ca or West Palm Beach, FL. This is where every college coach goes to watch and recruit. In palm beach, there were 28 full size (100yds long, 65 yds wide) fields on 6 polo fields. It was the best experience ever.
There is also another form of hockey-which is indoor.
Indoor is much better than outdoor. Playing very very low requires lots of leg and butt muscles, leading to a very nice ass that is fondly referred to as a hockey butt. Moving on, Indoor is much cooler. There is also a national tournament at the end of the indoor the outdoor one, but not as fun. There is U12, U14, U16, and U19 for my club team, but also U21 and i think there are younger than 12 teams too.
Field hockey is a huge sport in Europe, but it is gaining popularity in America too. Only the cool kids play field hockey. It takes more finesse to play hockey than it does to play the retarded sport of lacrosse.
Jeff- Dude, Do you realize that every girlfriend you have had is a field hockey player?

Spencer- Well, If you wore a skirt and had an amazing ass and leaned over all the time, I'd do you too
by Laura someone October 20, 2006
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The most grueling, intense, rigorous sport ever created. 11 girls fight as hard as they can, run as fast as they can, and get past as many defenders as they can before driving the orange ball into the cage (aka- goal). It is extremely demanding, yet extremely rewarding.

alternate defintion:
rage in the cage
The Stonington High School FIELD HOCKEY team has been ECC champs for 13 (going on 14) consecutive seasons.
by Joanna October 9, 2004
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