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A 'buzz' word for a new(ish) mutation of ska, punk, hardcore, ragge, hip-hop and metal. Almost all Skacore bands come from Britain and include bands such as Capdown, Lightyear, Martin and Sonic Boom Six.
Im board of reel big fish, i want something with more balls. Here have my Martin CD.
by Duke October 12, 2004
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an imbecile, moron, grapehead, porcupine, knucklehead
Moe and Shemp were measuring a room, Shemp let go of the tape measure which retracted, striking Moe's face. this was the first time that the word was used
by Duke March 25, 2005
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describing sentence: Man this is one skoocum set up you got going here.
Skoocum meaning good or excellent, not to be confused with scrotum which is between a male or shemales legs full of hair and testicles.
describing sentence: Man this is one skoocum set up you got going here.
by Duke December 28, 2003
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A ball or clump of poop capable of being thrown straight from the butt as a grenade.
I went to the zoo and saw two monkeys hurling ass grenades at each other. Then my roommate and I went back to our room and did the same.
by Duke February 15, 2003
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Everyone that types in alternacaps should have hot battery acid poured on their unmentionables so that they never procreate EVER!
by Duke August 09, 2003
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Backing down to her demands so you can get laid later.
I compromised with my wife that she could decorate the house green if she gave me oral treats on an airplane toilet seat.
by Duke July 09, 2003
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A severely torn asshole.
When I finished ravaging that whore's ass it left her with a bootch.
by Duke July 21, 2004
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