1. To not work for long periods of time.
i've beeen slacking all day
by Snake March 20, 2005
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To play games and not show someone you like all your attention
He is slacking
by Blunti May 12, 2018
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A way to say checking a girls behind
A way to call somebody ugly
A way to call somebody lazy
Check that girls butt!
Stop slacking

Your weird
And you're slacking

I’m just gonna copy their homework
Oh stop slacking!
by Urban bed gal December 29, 2020
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This is a nickname that uses reverse psychology on the classic word "Slacker" -as in to be lazy.
"Slack" is the most AWESOME word you can use to describe a person and has been developed to change expectation by subterfuge.
Dude! You are soooo Slack!!!!!!!!
by James Russell November 23, 2004
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