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When an individual pushes his/herself to attain a goal.

Similar to gears grinding when they are worked beyond their capacity.
"I've been on the grind lately trying to pay these bills."
by Duke September 13, 2004

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A man who has a crush on another man without sexual attraction.
"Hey, Ted. I heard you spent the night over at Dave's."
"Yeah, we played twister and scrabble and watched movies, and spent all night talking, bizzatch."
"Dude, you're 35, acting like you're 12, and you're using his language. You've got a man crush."
by Duke February 16, 2003

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For most teenage guys, a form of adult-approved, school sponsored prostitution in which the guy must spend $500 on flowers, a tuxedo, a limo, booze, and a hotel, dance with his escort in front of teachers and close friends while sporting 3/4 chub the whole night, and listen to awful pop music he could get off the radio for free, for which he is guaranteed to dick an untapped pussywell.

For me, an expensive seduction of my left hand.
Fuckin' prom.
by Duke July 09, 2003

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Noun: one of many street names for the holiest of holy, almighty peacebringer known as Marijuana

See also: wordpot wordweed wordganja
Yo man, do you know where a brother might score some cheeba right now?
by Duke July 10, 2003

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A homosexual asian guy.
I typed gaysian in on yahoo and obviously did not find anything relating to the O'reilly Factor.
by Duke January 22, 2003

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The grafenberg's spot. Glands and ducts located in the anterior wall of the vagina.
by Duke February 09, 2003

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Alien Asskicker
It's time to Kick ass and chew bubblegum... an I'm all outta gum.
by Duke February 10, 2005

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