73 definitions by Duke

a nigga that is on one...getting it crackin
gettin all up in somebody's face just reppin and talkin mad shit..gettin hiffy and gettin it crackin
by Duke October 20, 2003
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Creating a fart so nasty, it clears an entire room and lingers for a long time.
The pilot dropping the hiroshita exclaimed, "what have I done."
by Duke February 15, 2003
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1. Sit around stareing at nothing.
2. Slacking.

Swedish slang, probably from the German word for stareing.
Ska gokka hela dan imorrn framfor TVn.
(I´m gonna gokka all day tomorrow infront of the TV.)

Going to initiate gokking level 12 with a bag of chips.
by Duke November 22, 2004
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When you walk in on your parents having sex, which can lead to one seeking professional assistance in coping with the event.
Dr. Jean and Dr. Grey often fall asleep in therapy sessions because the first story told in therapy is always the same.
by Duke January 22, 2003
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1. a young attractive woman of questionable origins
2. a young under-dressed and generally whorish woman
Cristina Agulara is such a dirty bird her vigina drips mud.
by Duke April 28, 2003
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A high stakes high-risk street race. Racers hands are duct-taped to the wheel limiting the turning radius of the wheel.

Races are usually perfomed on hilly winding roads.

Racing in an automatic is impossible. Drifting in a stick shift is the only way to escape with your life.
"John challenged me to a duct-tape deathmatch. I wasn't worried--I had been practicing drifting in my Integra..."
by Duke December 27, 2004
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