Santiago is a Colombian sex god, but he is more that that lol. Santiago's are the most caring, passionate, funny, and best guys you can possibly know. You legit CANNOT get any better than a Santiago. In a relationship you can tell him how great he is but he will never feel like he is better than you, he will see you as the most beautiful being and see you as perfect. It's crazy the amount of love you feel from a Santiago, and it's wild how he doesn't realize how great and out of everyone's league he is. If you get the chance to have a Santiago, whether is be as a friend, best friend, or boyfriend, never let them go. The will be the most loyal and best thing to ever happen to you
Santiago is the best!
I love Santiago, I'm so happy we got close!
Santiago is my best friend, I couldn't ask for better.
by gigibigpp May 11, 2020
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A very handsome, smart, loyal guy who any girl is lucky to have. He is a chick magnet! A lot of girls like him and his features. He's really athletic to! Any girl is lucky to have a Santiago in there life:)
"Hey who's that guy over there"?
"Oh I think thats Santiago"!
by mospnieoqoqvnwmfm12040 July 13, 2017
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A walking mound of intelligence, creativity, sexual superiority, and brawn. Usually, many are intimidated by his facile technique and his shear presence can be felt miles far from where he may be located. For those that don't know.. One should watch their actions and words. A Santiago may become irritable to those who have a labeled status of fool, ignorant bean, or cur. If you are not careful he may beat the shit out of you, shut you up, or take your woman. Most likely things will result in a combination of two or all three at once. And even though his aura is pretty much strong enough to pop your hot sister's tits, he is slow to anger, quick to tell a joke, and quicker to smash some good cooch. A great friend and funny person, Santiago's are amazing to be around.
"Dad? I love you and all but.. I want to grow up to be Santiago."

"Madam. The nurse and i had to saw off our hands after handling the baby. He is truly Santiago."
by 4amflites September 5, 2011
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Santiago is a very musically inclined person with lots of attitude. He loves musical theatre and bullying his friends as a joke. He usually comes up with dry responses to messages, but in person, he's really fun to talk to. Santiago is a very kind person at heart, and everyone loves him. He usually has an "I don't care" side to him, but he also has a soft side. One that will ask how you're doing and help you when you're having tough times. He isn't usually a hugger, but he'll eventually give in if he's in a good mood. With that being said, no one can replace Santiago.
Jaya: "Hey, who's that guy up there on the stage?"
Meghan: "Oh, that's Santiago!"

Eunice: "Hey Santiago!"
Santiago: "Ok."
by ur_mom_lmao February 12, 2023
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A common name for a funny friend. Usually nicknamed Santi which is derived from Santiago. Santi is used by said persons good friends, and will likely spread to all of the people that said person knows. Soon, said person will become Santi, ridding himself of his family given name, in favor of the coolest nickname of all time. The furthest thing from emo.
That boy Santiago is the shit. Dude's hilarious!!
by thatboy36512 July 16, 2010
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Santiago is the most amazing person ever. very soft kind and funny at the same time. has a lot of hurt underneath. Santiago is mommas boy but cool at the same time. if you ever meet a Santiago, he would be an amazing friend and a even better bf. anything he does is cute especially when he plays with your hair he would do anything for you.
by annnnaaa Alvarenga May 10, 2019
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The best boyfriend you can ever have he is always there for you even if you don’t what him to be, can get annoying sometimes but he will love you a lot , he is also very caring of what he has.
Oh there goes Santiago he is so nice .
by My self February 26, 2018
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