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"Nadine" means being perfect. Nadine is literally the best girl on the face of the earth. She brings such joy and light to life it's amazing. She treats people so sweetly like everyone is her own. She has soft hands and soft hair, a cute little nose, a really sexy body, and her body warmth makes you feel amazing. Everyone loves her (even if she doesn't believe it), and damn she's so gorgeous (even if she doesn't believe that either but she really should). Even on bad days she manages to bring out the best in everyone and see some of the inspiring light in her. I love her so very much, so so so very much. I hope she's at her best and has even possibly improved for herself. Nadine is so smart, she pushes herself (sometimes too much stop pls) but it works out usually and ends up just improving in the long run. She is kind and helps so many people, she is such a perfect individual ohmygoodness.... <3 <3 <3
Nadine I love you
by Vegas07 February 04, 2019
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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Nadine means the perfection, the unique, and all the beautiful things in the world. She's so pretty. Nadine the princess all people love her and when they saw her they can not move their eyes. She's awesome.
The prettiest girl, Nadine is here! The princess. We all love her.
by kimrdzkim March 11, 2018
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The most beautiful, amazing and intellectually inclined girl in the world. Brings hope to others that want her, because that's what her name means in French. Is extremely hot, and good at anything she does
Nadine, oh my god.
by lezgirrll June 22, 2009
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A cute girl. Often referred to as cutie.
1) "hey, do you know that cutie?"
"Yeah man, thats Nadine. She is hella cute."
by Random person 987 October 22, 2014
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A beautiful, tiny girl, who has unbelievable eyes. Awesome body and loved by men
A: You know Nadine?

B: Yea, she hawt
by Coolboy1209 January 03, 2017
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The meaning of the name Nadine is Hope

The origin of the name Nadine is French

Diminutive form of Nadia
Nadine is the synonym of hope
by Rhiandria May 05, 2008
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