National no homework day, all students boycott homework and see if we can make this a real holiday
Teacher : Why didn't you do your homework
Student: Because it's November 17
by Frilileckk November 4, 2019
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The most wonderful, beautiful, loyal, friendliest, and funniest people where born on this day.
Look at that perfect person. They where born on November 17th.
by Itxluxjcucpuxuxupxtvgzkf@(.@5 October 19, 2019
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a day when all boys must say yes to everything

Girls ask out that boy

Get him to give you stuff
It’s November 17 let’s meet later you have to say yes
by IM TICTOK FAMOUS November 2, 2019
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This day is give your girlfriend/ boyfriend a hoodie day. If you’re in a relationship with someone, on this day that have to give you they’re hoodie.
Boyfriend: Hey here’s my hoodie.
Girlfriend: thank you, but why?
Boyfriend: well it’s November 17 which means I’m supposed to give you my hoodie. So today it special for you.
Girlfriend: OMG YESSS
by I’m a dinosaur 🦖 November 15, 2019
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The day our lord and savior Danny DeVito was born into this world
November 17 Isn’t that Danny Devito‘s birthday?!
by Acr October 17, 2019
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