25 definitions by Demicci D. Dior-Britt

This term refer to handle it, go about it or do it. It being what ever the subject is at hand.
Judy and Mary are argueing again. How should we carry it?
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 04, 2007
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This terms, used by LGBT clubbers, refers to the one being in the process of perfecting his/her own looks, attitude, style, personality and/or all the above and is only so if this process is seen by an other's perspective as being pleasing to his/her (the observers) standards. One might even say this would be the extreme reference to express ones approval. When one is referred to as pooched this is to say the final view of ones attire is on hit status. To queer folk describing someone as pooched is the ultimate compliment. This term is embraced by queer folk in the USA from coast to coast.
Girlfriend's fashions were pooched from head to toe! Her mission to pooch was set out in fierce armour of the finest couture garb. She aced her effect with brim, bag and boots to match as carried on pooching at last nights function!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt December 02, 2006
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A usually very masculine guy who is in the closet about his homosexuality. These guys tend to date women but are really just useing it to cover up his desire for men.
I was surprised to find out just how many jocks at my school were secret sissy's.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 18, 2007
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A girl or tranny that stuffs her bra to have or make her tits appear larger.
My brother's flat chested girlfiend doesn't know that I know about her secret titties.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 18, 2007
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A small penis after erection. Especially used to describe the penis of fat men and body builders on steroids.
Jimmy is fat, therfore like most fat asses he is endowed with a nub, I'm sure. As for his brother, the body builder, still a nub!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 17, 2007
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A nickname for the city, Oakland, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the United States most important port on the west coast. Known for all of it's talented, progressive and often times violent residents. It is also famed for being the home of the original Black Panther Party Movement.
Urban Dictionary's author Demicci Deja Dior-Britt was born and raised in Oaktown.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt November 01, 2007
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Don't get too thick,pipe down, cool off, check your self, don't start no shit, want be no shit.
Check this out girlfriend, let's just keep it cute cause I don't think you want to chance me as an enemy.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt March 27, 2009
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