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The hip new way to indicate you are texting. Matter of fact; all the really cool kids now refer to texting as "thumbing."
Jenny and I were thumbing most of math class today.

(another correct usage would be)
Thumb ya later!

(another correct usage would be)
I will thumb you later.
by Cyprus Denton Fekks October 01, 2011
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To thumb yourself - to thumb or stick your thumb or finger into ones anus.
Man - "Tom what are you doing?"
Tom - "I'm thumbing myself, it feels very nice."
by Plice December 31, 2011
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The act of getting kicked out of a gentleman's club by inserting thumb in exotic dancer's anus.
Jimmy got us kicked out because he was thumbing Passion!
by Jerry Lar July 15, 2010
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Sticking your thumb up a girls booty for sexual pleasure. Often done when the girl is least expecting it to ensure comic value.
Carter took advantage of the sorority girl picking up change by thumbing her butthole brutally.
by TTmagibbons October 02, 2011
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Punishing your significant other by inserting your thumb in her ass without warning. A technique that is crude, but effective. See also, ad hoc.
Thumbing--She wouldn't get ready to leave, so I thumbed her so she would get out the door.
by Bleeding Blue January 16, 2009
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when one is too busy to be bothered with something he/she had already committed to doing, especially applicable when letting an entire group of people down
Instead of coming to D&D on time so everyone could start the game, Otto Normalverbraucher was busy thumbing his ass.
by TheBest February 20, 2005
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Clicking the thumbs up button on facebook messenger accidentally in response to something sad or serious.
I am feeling mad at myself for thumbing Suruchi when she said her grandma passed away.

The placing of the thumbs up button in messenger should be changed so that thumbing hazards can be avoided.
by Mythmol April 06, 2016
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