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This term refers to something being or someone being in the opinion of the observer extremely endoweed with awful looks, ways or expressions to the point of being just plan rediculously hedious to an unfathemable extreme. This is suggetive of the subject needing to be beat or just publicaly outed for their wrongness. Oakland, CA's stuck-up well to do, ghetto fabulous black prissy girls, residents of Oakland's hillside community, Monclair and Berkeley UC socialites covette this term.
Oh no, here comes this persistant morone again trying to get at my time for a date, as if I am living to be wooned by his hedifuckindiculous ass fugaface bearing no form of grace for me! Yuck to the tenth power!!!!!!!!! Hide me?
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 14, 2007
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