A garment usually long in length and worn by women for occasions such as parties as a formal wear made of fabrics such as satin and organza.
I purchased a beautiful gown to wear to my friend's wedding reception.
by wwwgownsshopcom October 23, 2007
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A garment of clothing worn usually by women as a formal wear.
The best gown known on Earth can be found at www.gownsshop.com
by www.gownsshop.com October 16, 2007
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I punched her so hard gown came out.
by bad man January 18, 2006
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one of the formal wears usually worn by women to parties and weddings offered at wwwgownsshopcom
wwwgownsshopcom offers a variety of formal wear including evening and wedding gowns
by wwwgownsshopcom October 16, 2007
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The opposite of capping also known as telling the truth.
You need to start gowning right now simp
by lordyabu May 27, 2020
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1. the destruction or disintegration of the human spirit or the state of being obliterated; damaged psyche

2. loss of wealth, position, etc, or something that causes such loss; downfall

3. the state of being speechless/dumbstruck after witnessing a particularly stupid or annoying thing; tiresome.

4. a person as the wreck of his or her former self; ravaged individual.

1. to fall into ruin; devastate.

2. fall to pieces; dejection.

Taken from the word gone, "gowne" was first used to describe the act of being emotionally lost or your enthusiasm no longer being present:
"I'm gowner than the wind"
Person A: "Did you study for the test?"
Person B: "No"
Person A: "You do realize this test a major grade, right?"
Person B: "Don't you think I already fucking know that? I'm too gowne to care at this point"
by Rosir February 22, 2015
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"Yo, No gown"
"Dont you mean No Cap."
Naw, No Gown.
by Chucklebucket December 30, 2021
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