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A parent or someone who calls themself a parent who does nothing for their children/child, yet calls themself the childs parent.
June is a dead beat parent and always will be.
by dadkjfa August 19, 2010
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A biological parent who willfully opts not to be an active participant in caring for their child, though oftentimes expresses negative emotions and/or words to the active parent or even the child for allowing a relative or the child’s step-parent to actively parent that child in their intentional absence. Although the biological parent may provide child support funds, they are typically insufficient; most often court-mandated; and retrieved through involuntary, automatic garnishments. An individual that fits this description, more oftentimes than not, has fathered or birthed multiple children by multiple individuals and, generally, neglect all said children at some point during or all of their adolescence...though expect that they themselves will be afforded the benefit of receiving those neglected children’s love and respect as if they earned the designation of mother or father when their flawed version of parenting is convenient for them. In summation, an individual who views himself or herself as the most important person in their life, who has opted to utilize the other parent to fulfill their own obsession with procreation without regard for the other parent’s or the child’s well-being at any point from the time of conception through the end of their own life.
It’s quite odd that a legal adult be trusted to mentor others’ children provided they are, themselves, a deadbeat.

There are conferences and seminars that teach financial independence, although someone should teach, ‘What it takes to identify a deadbeat before becoming their victim?’

The Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Keiser University is a deadbeat.

Oftentimes, deadbeats are manipulative, emotional predators who lack both self-awareness and empathy, as well as any sense of accountability or an obligation to act with integrity. From their perspective, they have the ultimate right to use and mistreat their targets as they please given those targeted are simply a means to an end which benefits them. Ends come in the form of material gifts, money, a nicer place to live either free or much cheaper than what they can provide for themselves, and the greatest prize of all: more offspring to purposefully neglect.
by AnonUrban1 June 14, 2019
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A non-contributing adult.
A deadbeat is an adult, age 18 or older, who is not going to school, living with parent(s) or friend(s), is not working or looking for a job and does not help out with household or yard work chores.
by gwj August 09, 2007
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1. A person unable to pay his bills

2. Someone of low financial standing

3. An undesirable target for a sales pitch
"I cannot close this guy, he's a deadbeat. He never even bought a fucking toaster."
by ws January 19, 2004
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Someone who doesn't pay their bills, screws up their credit, and then blames everyone else for their problems.
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A deadbeat is a person over the age of 18 with no direction, no job, no ambition. taking a shower daily is a huge accomplishment! A deadbeat doesn't want to work, yet still try and convince young gulliable girls that he does. He will spend their money, and make them work while they play video games. They make other's feel sorry for their deadbeat asses because they talk a good story. Deadbeats do not pay their own way. They sponge off their families, their friends, and any other person dumb enough to give them money. They are a lethal cancer to everyone near them.
You know who you deadbeat!!!

You stay home and play video games, deadbeat!
You eat Taco Bell for dinner..deadbeat!
You drink Dr. Peper ....deadbeat!
You have no gas( that goes in a car)..deadbeat!
You have no job( thus, why you are a deadbeat).
You have no education( thus, why you have no job)
You have no life!
by the deadbeats girlfiends mom.. December 21, 2009
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