Is the holiday celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, October through December. It is a time of great warmth, sharing, parties, and of great American commercialism. People complain about overlapping holidays, but why? The distinction between the three major holidays is only becoming less clear. Embrace it as Hallowthanksmas! It's certainly not going to disappear. It's a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry for three months straight! Each month is a celebration of its respective holidays, and seeing decorations and stores fully stocked should get our creative juices flowing; food, friends, parties and decorations are all a part of the holidays. Let's face it, Hallowthanksmas is here to stay, and I say God Bless It. And God Bless Us, everyone!
Hallowthanksmas is the best time of the year!
by B+N September 13, 2008
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A compounded title for the Holiday Season starting In October til after the twelve days of Christmas. This include New Years Day.
I have to save up every year to prepare for my kids having a good Hallowthanksmas.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 31, 2007
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The period of time starting in late October and ending on New Year's Eve, so named for the commercial tendency to put up Christmas displays before Halloween. See also Christmahanukwanzakah
Once October comes, we have to celebrate hallowthanksmas for 3 months!
by LaikaSol February 1, 2005
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time between Halloween and New Years when one gains obscene amounts of weights in one's ass and/or belly due to extreme feasting and binge eating on candy, turkey and, Santa's cookies.
Rudolph said to Santa, "hey fat ass lay of the cookies. You've gained the Hallowthanksmas 50 and I have to haul your obese extremities around the globe."
by Jason Sarg November 13, 2007
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the 'holiday' season. It begins with Halloween, morphs into Thanksgiving and ends with the Festival of lights, which may be Christmas, Hanukkah, Yuletide, Kwanza, or Festivus.
Happy Hallowthanksmas beeotch! I'm so glad it's over.
by mr big cheese December 31, 2011
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An event occurring from October 1-31 (give or take) every year where people start thinking about Spooky Season. But wait! Thanksgiving is next month! And the month after that is Christmas!

The result is all of the holidays being lumped together, resulting in "Hallow" (Halloween) "Thanks" (Thanksgiving) "Mas" (Christmas).

Walmart in the middle of September: Happy Hallowthanksmas!
by Someone who kinda exists August 30, 2021
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