to acquire or obtain something, legitimately or otherwise
"I'm about to cop those new J's."
by kwilliams December 09, 2013
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To acquire something, or more fittengly, to roll through and grab it. Like cops do. Get it?
Yo that new album is dope, make sure to cop it.
by dr. kozmo April 20, 2019
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A person who is not a Police Officer but believes himself/herself to be friendly with Police. Usually drunk and/or a douche bag stumbling form a bar. The "cop-cop" will approach a police officer or group of officers and attempt to strike up a conversation about police work believing that he/she is accomplishing an original or exceptional feat by asking what they believe to original or endearing questions.

The "cop-cop" can also be a security guard or other wannabe type. Often the cop-cop is not a wannabe or someone with a genuine interest or question but someone being a smart ass or believes himself to be clever, daring, or funny.
Here comes a cop-cop
by Saddlesore September 07, 2010
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When you claim someone elses property e.g their house or couch.
Man: Would you please leave my house?
Woman: Nuh uh, I copped it!
Man: Wrong house homie! Gotta leave!
Woman: Nuhhhh uhhh I copped the house!
Man: What the fuck does that mean?
by sainnotinsain March 25, 2017
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(Verb) To take, buy or otherwise gain possession of
Should I cop the new Jordans?

I just copped Madden 20, want to play?
by FratHouseOnFranklin October 14, 2019
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