derek prefers to get it in debit when having manly love with steves exgirlfriend.
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
refuse to accept; suffer from 'negative debs syndrome'; negativity on an epic scale
A: Dood, you've just won everyone's winnings: shouldn't you br happy?


C: Debitivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESPECT
by thegreenberet April 4, 2010
A non-committal acknowledgment of another's opinion or comment.
Man 1 - "That chick has got it goin' on!"
Man 2 - "Debit."
by B Denny October 3, 2007
that chick totally takes debit

tits: i totally ATM'd that chick
Christa: that bitch took debit
by ishinenotburn March 31, 2011
A debit/check is a card (made by Visa, Mastercard, and others. Made avaliable to you mostly by banks) That acts very similiar like a credit card, but instead of borrowing money from those greedy bastards, money is automatically deducted right from your checking account instead when you make a purchase. Acts like a cash card.

You need a checking account and cash in your checking account to use a debit/check card. Checking accounts also have a monthly fee.

Visa and Mastercard debit cards can be used to purchase items online. They can also be used with ATM machines to get cash from your checking account.
Debit cards are what teenagers and college students use to pay for World of Warcraft subscriptions.

I got cash from an ATM with my debit card
by Andyboyson January 11, 2006
Using a credit or debit card while intoxicated. Often happens when you're so drunk you don't remember how much you spent.
I'm never drinking that much again; I had way too many drunk-debits last night.

I gotta go to the bank to make a deposit to cover all my drunk-debits from last night.
by PlainJane08 June 23, 2009