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A pretty funny term to use by "rebellious" people who think they're martyrs who stand against the so-called establishment (i.e. successful people. people with common sense, people who are good at things) such as the establishment for successful corporations, people who advocate for chastity and safe-sex, people who are open minded and are just following the norms of society. Then there is the "rebellious" youth who think that there's everything wrong with society because mainstream society doesn't agree with their bullshit views. They embrace rock n roll and che guevara shirts, and they embrace sexual promiscuity and disrespecting elders. The funny thing is that these fools actually do this stuff because they want to be the establishment who want to force their way of things to others. Eventually the "rebellious" youth grew older and soon they find the next generation of youth to be rebellious to the values they had when they were young. There is no true "Anti-Establishment", everyone wants to be the establishment. To quote a famous song "Everyone wants to rule the world"
Rock and Roll Larry: Dude, I hate how society is too comforting and prudish, we should rebel and embrace our rock and roll!
Normal Dave: No thanks, I don't want to conform to your anti-establishment bullcrap that is creating more problems than solving things, also you want to THE establishment yourself. You just want to force your things into other people's throats that do not fit your shitty worldview.
Rock and Roll Larry: Shut up man! If you don't want to join us, then you're not cool.
Normal Dave: You've just proved my point by being hostile to my differing views and threatening to ostracize me for not jumping in your bandwagon. I'll never be part of your establishment!
by Deadmojo September 24, 2018
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A natural position in which a man is spreading his legs apart so that he doesn't damage his reproductive organs. Unfortunately some snowflake feminists are a making a big deal about this that somehow this causes oppression while women can cover the whole seat of a subway train with her bags and purses and creating more burdens for other people.
A man sits in a subway seat
Dumb bitch: omg that man is manspreading! Patriarchy is out of control!
Man: Shut up bitch, you and I are mammals and that means you have tits and i have a cock. You wear a bra to protect your boobs while i have to avoid damaging my nutsack.
Dumb bitch: Waaaah! Waaaaah! Im posting my trauma on tumblr.
by Deadmojo January 20, 2019
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A once glorious musical genre that has fallen to crass commercialism and catering to teenage edgelords. It used to be great with the Scandinavian bands doing a great job in contrast to the crude and unoriginal American bands that often just use garbled screaming and desperately tries to appeal to young neo-anarchist crowds while the nordic bands do a better job at making impressive metal that doesn't revolve around mindless screaming.
by Deadmojo August 30, 2018
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A person who is prejudiced for a good reason: He/she is against those who have bad manners, are illiterate, unintelligent, and uneducated. People who are crude, vulgar, and are amoral and are active in terrible behaviors. There's nothing wrong with being a classicist when there are people who are truly abhorrent and are the scourge of society. It's not classicism if those who are of the lower class have less flattering traits that most people would not subscribe for.
Working class bill: I like never bathe and I only watch television while drinking a lot and being rude to people.
Normal Rick: You are scum
Working class bill: Hey fuck you classicist
Normal Rick: Well I have better standards and have better morals than you do. You piece of lice infested crap.
by Deadmojo April 30, 2019
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When someone travels back in time and accidentally fucks his/her ancestor.
"A guy named Marty McShuffle travels to colonial america and sleeps with a prostitute.
Marty: Man, who could ever knew that colonial women were so easy get laid with.
Prostitute: Marty, do you want to know my name?
Marty: Sure
Prostitute: My name is Jane McShuffle.
Marty: OMG! I just fucked my great-great-great grandma! I am now an incestor!
by Deadmojo February 08, 2019
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The act of a man sexually assaulting other men while in a work place or a bar and declaring that your gay as a cover up for your misbehavior.
Peter: Man, did you see that guy who would dry hump us at the office every day?
Nate: Yeah, what news about him?
Peter: He pulled out a Kevin Spacey.
Nate: So?
Peter: He's gay!
Nate: So what? He's still a pervert!
by Deadmojo January 13, 2018
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A mindless cesspool of people doing circlejerk memes and topics like r/politics or r/atheism and many people make rather unfunny memes or jokes that are only funny if you have a low IQ. The community is toxic and there has been rising tensions for the political subreddits and honestly it is not an intellectual safe haven, it is like a neutered 4chan and will drive you crazy over the stupidity of reddit users and their stupid threads.
Reddit user 1: Haha Donald Trump is a wacko!
Reddit user 2: Nuh uh, crooked hillary is!
Reddit user 3: religion is for dumb dumbs
Reddit user 4: atheist are pretentious cunts
by Deadmojo July 13, 2018
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