To have a drive by shooting, fill someone house with bullets, thus leaving lots of holes..
You better pay up your debt or we'll swiss cheese your place tonight.
by Bao Nguyen May 16, 2007
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To empty an entire clip or ammo belt into an enemy, making them look like swiss cheese. (because they will have many bullet holes in them).
Lamar was arrested for swiss cheesing someone in a city alley last night.

Wang couldn't focus on his work because he couldn't stop thinking of how Brian swiss cheesed his entire family last night.
by tacotacooo January 17, 2010
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Term used to define a fake sports fan (usually old and completely unathletic) who is there for the publicity or because their other rich friends went there, and they sit in the club boxes eating swiss cheese and drinking white zinfendel, occassionally clapping for the team when they do something that everyone else claps at.

Spike Wearing Raider Fan: Look at the swiss cheese and wine fans
by Dimitri Arethas November 15, 2005
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When you get shot so many times, your body resembles swiss cheese
You heard that Jamal died in the drive by?
Yeah, that nigga got swiss cheesed
by Cool Guy Johnson November 21, 2019
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To get wet up with an AK47. The multiple bullet holes are like the holes in swiss cheese.
Man 1: Hey my dude, wanna come bangin' with me and the crew?

Man 2: Naw man I'm straight. One of these days you gonna get swiss cheesed up.

Man 1: Fuck that shit.
by John B AKA JustBlaze216 January 7, 2008
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