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1. A person who studies Classics (ancient Greek and Latin)

2. A follower of classicism in the arts
Examples of a Classicist included Dante, Petrarch, and Shakespeare in poetry and theatre.
(also look in Wikipedia for more examples, definitions, and etc.)
by Persephone Little July 27, 2011
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Somebody who is against people with bad morals, low income, and little/no education. A CLASSICIST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT RACE OR GENDER, EVEN IF IT'S HIS/HER OWN ONE. Somebody who biases due to race is a racist and gender is a sexist don't get them confused.

If you agree with these statements your a classicist, and not a racist or sexist.

I love black people, but I hate niggers

I love white people, but I hate rednecks

I love hispanic people, but I hate illegal immigrants
I love Asian people, but I hate Yakuzas
Most people are a classicist but are often assumed to be a racist
by Optical_Epilepsy August 23, 2010
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