1. A person who studies Classics (ancient Greek and Latin)

2. A follower of classicism in the arts
Examples of a Classicist included Dante, Petrarch, and Shakespeare in poetry and theatre.
(also look in Wikipedia for more examples, definitions, and etc.)
by Persephone Little July 28, 2011
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A person who is prejudiced for a good reason: He/she is against those who have bad manners, are illiterate, unintelligent, and uneducated. People who are crude, vulgar, and are amoral and are active in terrible behaviors. There's nothing wrong with being a classicist when there are people who are truly abhorrent and are the scourge of society. It's not classicism if those who are of the lower class have less flattering traits that most people would not subscribe for.
Working class bill: I like never bathe and I only watch television while drinking a lot and being rude to people.
Normal Rick: You are scum
Working class bill: Hey fuck you classicist
Normal Rick: Well I have better standards and have better morals than you do. You piece of lice infested crap.
by Deadmojo April 30, 2019
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Somebody who is against people with bad morals, low income, and little/no education. A CLASSICIST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT RACE OR GENDER, EVEN IF IT'S HIS/HER OWN ONE. Somebody who biases due to race is a racist and gender is a sexist don't get them confused.

If you agree with these statements your a classicist, and not a racist or sexist.

I love black people, but I hate niggers

I love white people, but I hate rednecks

I love hispanic people, but I hate illegal immigrants
I love Asian people, but I hate Yakuzas
Most people are a classicist but are often assumed to be a racist
by Optical_Epilepsy August 23, 2010
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A person who really worships retro gaming to unhealthy levels and tend to harass or bully people for liking modern or indie games. They will either be classicist Nintendo or classicist SEGA fans. Tend to also be weaboos.
There is also an alternate twitter exclusive breed called Classicist Cartoon Fan. These tend to be the people who describe every modern cartoon as cal-arts and suck off Teen Titans.
God why can't classicist gamers shut the hell up and let people enjoy things. I get retro games are good but there are bad games in every generation retro doesn't automatically equal masterpiece and modern doesn't automatically equal shit.
by KickPunchItsAllindaMind April 5, 2021
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Classic with a -ist and the end
That book is one of the classicist books ever.
by OOFERS123 November 13, 2019
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