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Either a George Foreman grill rip-off or a fridge; could be both.
If I'm able to afford the PS3, I'd sell it's innards to someone who needs them, and slap in a fridge motor and store my food in there when I'm in college. After, I'd replace the "Playstation 3" label with the word "Fridge" and that will still retain the SpiderMan font.

Man, I'll be all set after that.
by Dark Fox August 12, 2005

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1.People whom dislike anime without having an idea of what each anime is about, and without watching anime. They just hate it because pop culture tries to either emulate or make fun of it, so they decide to be a big part of pop culture. (These people aren't very open to good ideas)

These people seem to consist of wiggers, jocks, and preps.
Prep: Oh you like that Pokemon crap?
Me: Ehm... Anime is more then just Pokemon fuckface
by Dark Fox November 19, 2004

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A company that was in its prime back in the SNES days(DK Country games mostly), and some of the N64 days (Jet Force Gemini, Conker's BFD), but nowadays lack especially in the departments of promptness and gameplay development. I.E. their famous collect-a-thon gameplay and their way of delaying games constantly...
Rareware WAS awesome, but now they have slated Kameo (a well-anticipated game) for XBox 2! Surprised people still have faith in these guys...
by Dark Fox April 05, 2005

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The classification of the situation in question, where statistically in other situations of similar proportion and factors, undesired or harmful things have previously occured during the outcome of said situation.
* It is bad karma to look for something under the seat while driving.

* It is bad karma to cheat on your spouse.

* It is bad karma to commit criminal acts naked.
by Dark Fox July 01, 2004

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pizz*owned (verb) (1) - To be owned in a manner proportionate to the goodness of a Pizza Hut (tm) calzone (Pizzone). It is the epiphany of ownage.

pizz*owned (verb) (2) - To be served a piece of american-italian cuisine.

pizz*owned (verb) (3) - To have a Pizzone or other american-italian cuisine slammed into one's face or body.
(1)"You just got served eight slices of PIZZOWNED!"
(1)"Gather 'round the good stuff, you're PIZZOWNED"

(2)"Man I'm hungry. Let's go to Pizza Hut and get Pizzowned!"
(2)"It's lunch time! Time to get Pizzowned!"

by Dark Fox April 19, 2007

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1. Organisms that usually support only PlayStation or XBox consoles(never both). Only playing sports games and hyped games with no real deep sensible gameplay, they strive to get the hottest new games with nothing but graphics going for it.

2. Creatures who criticize certain games that "wouldn't appeal to them" without even playing them. (Mainly Nintendo games)

3. VH1 and MTV supporters.

4. "Gamers" that will eventually bring the downfall to the gaming industry if us true gamers don't do something about it.
I hope casual gamers aren't let into Heaven, for their ignorance and obliviousness will be the downfall of my afterlife as well!
by Dark Fox June 29, 2005

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Something that only oblivious, rich, and ignorant gamers buy. Bragging about it's ability to play movies, music, and what-not, people forget to mention that you need the memory stick in order to do anything, and the sticks that're out now do not hold much.

Having to re-buy all the movies in Sony's UMD format, and with a majority of it's games being poor rehashes and ports (but still get good scores because of ignorant fanboyism) it screams, GIMMICK! But people still buy this trash anyways because the gaming industry is being flooded by casual gamers that know squat. (not insulting, it's the truth, sorry the truth hurts folks)
Casual gamer: (way too overexuberant) Yo man, I had to rip 350+ dollars outta my butt to get the PSP, a rehashed game, memory stick, and a movie I already have!! I'm so awesome!

True Gamer: Sucks to be you! XD I hope you and your family starves now that you have no money! Eventually leading up to the event of cannibalism in order to survive!
by Dark Fox May 08, 2005

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