People who think cannibalism is mean are bitches who should be eaten first.
by GleefulSchizo666 December 20, 2004
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The process of a person or thing eating the flesh or organs of a creature of the same species. Is a way of life in some tribes.
The man was forced to eat the woman's flesh after she froze to death and food was scarce.
by Smiley July 7, 2004
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A very popular sport invented in Cambodia in 1924 to solve their overpopulation problem. The European occupation helped it spread to Britain, but was soon banned in both lands due to Cambodian dictatorship and British protest (King George III was nearly eaten by the Duke of York).

It is still practiced by Cambodian tribes, and is pressured to become an Olympic sport.
My Cambodian friend, Xiao Dong, likes to play cannibalism with my family, but every time we play one of my relatives goes missing....
by Invader Zimbabwe February 24, 2011
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The act of eating another person of same species...or Shia LaBeouf
You're looking for your car,

But you're all turned around.
He's almost upon you now
And you can see there's blood on his face!

My god, there's blood everywhere!
by wow bro, really? May 26, 2015
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Oh I'm starving and there is no food and shelter around here, only people....maybe I can resort to cannibalism eat them and make a house of 1,000 corpses
by Bar'-ry March 11, 2008
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The eating of an other human. It is frowned upon by many nations and can cause life long trauma for others who view this act.
You whore thats cannibalism!!!!
by Omew July 17, 2009
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