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the highest form of owning. the ladder of humiliation goes like this: diss-toast-roast-own-pwn-pizzowned. Pizzowned can only be used in the past tense, because of its massiveness. Being pizzowned rarely happens, and when it does, the victim either craps their pants or cries like a little baby. If you say you've pizzowned someone, you're probably lying. I've never pizzowned someone, either, so stop lying to yourself.
Tom totally pizzowned Amanda that one time
by Stupy John January 06, 2005
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New-age version of the word "pwned" which comes from the word "owned" meaning to win against someone, with ease. Now, there is "owned" with "pwned" and a bit of pizza goodness on the side. Hence, "pizzowned".
You just got pizzowned by a true hustla foo! Aiiiiiight?
by The Pizzowner May 02, 2004
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pizz*owned (verb) (1) - To be owned in a manner proportionate to the goodness of a Pizza Hut (tm) calzone (Pizzone). It is the epiphany of ownage.

pizz*owned (verb) (2) - To be served a piece of american-italian cuisine.

pizz*owned (verb) (3) - To have a Pizzone or other american-italian cuisine slammed into one's face or body.
(1)"You just got served eight slices of PIZZOWNED!"
(1)"Gather 'round the good stuff, you're PIZZOWNED"

(2)"Man I'm hungry. Let's go to Pizza Hut and get Pizzowned!"
(2)"It's lunch time! Time to get Pizzowned!"

by Dark Fox April 19, 2007
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A derivative of the word pown, it means to defeat someone hands down, rubbing it in their face.. even more so, because they are not just owned..or powned..they are pizzoned..calzone style. (Coming from the Pizza Hut commercial, selling pizzones.. a combination of pizzas and calzone)
I pizz0wned you calz0ne style!!! I R 1337 H4X0R!!
by LT Walrus April 27, 2003
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1) Pizzowned is from the dirivination of the word "Owned" and is used in extreme and intense context. Usually used along with the set of words "You have been." Past tense- Pizzowned, present pizzownage or pizzown.

2) You have been officially been pizzowned men likers.

3) I pizzowned you all.
by Stevie owns you all May 04, 2005
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eating a Pizzahut Pizzone while owning someone

Dude you totally got pizzowned by Dalton... that guy has some serious Halo skills
by Daltonious July 10, 2008
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