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A way of greeting/ referring directly to someone you know. It simultaneously means 'friend' and 'idiot' at the same time.
"what are you doing my gund?"
"How are you my gund?"
"No, my gund"
by Daonebest November 21, 2020
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A German monkey.
Alternately Le monke tinted with the tri-colour of the modern German flag.
'No way.... Germonke....'
'Germonke could me the fourth reich'
'this is the CORRECT way to spell colour as far as i'm concerned'- British person
by Daonebest February 18, 2021
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Can often be insulting. Can also be spelt "kak" and "cack"
"oh, so you're Kack-handed are you?"
by Daonebest September 1, 2021
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Verb. To be/get munted.
Refers to the state of intoxication through either alcohol or other substances to the extent that you can no longer walk and all bodily functionality is lost.
"let us all get munted" -Nelson Mandela president of the United States of Africa 44BC- 1982
by Daonebest November 28, 2020
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Essex boomer phrase.

Often used after hearing someone waffle, say or ask something trivial.
Also used when someone says something stupid in front of you that is obviously offensive and will anger you/ third party. Essentially a threat.
TriviaPerson: says something trivial and hardly worth the breath.
Direct, collected and deep Person: "are you tired of living? Son?"
by Daonebest September 28, 2021
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Short for perhaps. Used in either text talk or when you're rushing to get your point across and haven't got time for the whole 'Perhaps'.
Person 1; 'You gunna say somethin', chump?'
Person 2 'praps'
by Daonebest February 18, 2021
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A Scandinavian or specifically Swedish independent indie game developer. Very very slow to progress a game out of the beta or early access stage. Games are usually simple but very enjoyable.
"I'm just a modder, you go ask steelraven about that"
by Daonebest November 28, 2020
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