A place constantly stereotyped.
It's funny because i'm an Essex girl, born and bred in one of the 'worst' parts, yet i'm not a slag, not pregnant, don't wear burberry or any fake crap, can talk properly and i'm well educated.
Go figure. :)
Oh god, she's from Essex, must be a slag.
by NotASlag October 28, 2008
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A county that is officialy in east anglia NOT the south east. (now i live in essex so its ok for me to rant about it) Essex is stereotyped as a cultural wasteland, and unfortunately in many cases this is true. You can divide essex into two, the north and the south, both sides are totaly different but have equally annoying people. The south is very urbanised and full of loud, agressive, fake cockneys who wear tacky gold chains and predend to be some big east end crime lord.

The north of essex on the other hand is vastly rural, and seems more welcoming but dont be fooled. The people who live here are the english equivilent of rednecks, though not usually racist, they are agressively conservative and will go completely sectarian on anyone who tries to change their traditions. They all have shotguns and a usually a vast aray of other lethal weapons, that they wont hesitate to use on trespassers and poachers.

So there you have it Essex, contrary to everything i have just said, essex is a great place
Southern essexer: Oi mate, wot u lookin at? dont u know im a gangter from east landon?

northern essexer: get orf my fucking land *bang* *bang*
by pointything July 28, 2008
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The richest county in the United Kingdom. Essex is NOT full of chavs or retards or whatever these idiots say above this definition.
People from Essex dislike chavs just as much as anybody else here does.

There are some complete idiots in esses but, isnt there idiots everywhere?
"Essex - the richest county in the UK"
by RealAlternative May 29, 2005
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One of the richest counties in England
Jealous northerners with small penises, ugly faces, fat women and tractors feel the need to bitch about thier superiors.
by ROARING HELL June 5, 2004
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Noun: a 238-ton whaling ship, based out of Nantucket Island (USA), famously sunk on November 20, 1820 in an encounter with "Mocha Dick", an albino sperm whale defending his pod against human predation. Incident widely acknowledged as the direct inspiration for Herman Melville's 1851 novel "Moby-Dick, or The Whale".
"Following the second hull strike by Mocha Dick, the Essex crew had only minutes to provision the surviving boats and cast-off before the ship sank."
by speedog June 14, 2010
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essex is da tits ov england
essex rules
i no its totally tits!!
by bert September 24, 2003
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Home of the sluts, and chavs. Essex in the UK is totally populated by them, and you can't go to a club without the threat of being stabbed, or getting drunk and getting a girl pregnant.

Essex has its ups aswell. It does have some ok places.

But do not go to Essex for a holiday.
If you ever want to have kids then do a runner, come to Essex, you will achieve it in 1 night!
by Cloud November 22, 2004
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