A person who creates modifications or "mods" to video games. They do this by adding or manipulating content and code, typically via an API provided by the game's developers.

These modifications can be as simple as altering the mechanics of a weapon in an fpsds, or as complex as turning one game into an entirely different one. Tha latter being known as a total conversion.
By creating the "Counter Strike" mod for "Half Life", Minh Le and Jess Cliffe have become famous modders.
by Russell M July 26, 2005
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Not to be confused with moderator.

Someone who mods (or modifies) video games. Though it is more grammatically accurate to use the word modifier, "modder" refers exclusively to the modification of video games.

Notable places to find modders, and the mods they share, are in sites/forums such as "Nexus Mods" and "Steam Workshop".
This character does not exist in the default game, it was created by a modder.
by nostalgica February 3, 2016
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Usually refering to to the technically inclined. A person who alters an item to make it unique.
Yoshi from Tech TV is a wonderful modder.
by Xyrus December 5, 2003
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Someone who cheats at video games such as Halo 2 by altering the game code in some way because he is too much of a noob to be able to get kills any other way and consequently has no penis.
Q:Did you just see that guy fly across the level and shoot rockets out of his sniper rifle and kill everyone?

A:Yeah, that fuckin modder has no dick.
by IpWn/\/00b5 December 9, 2006
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A person who changes their car from the standard, factory condition they bought it, to something different. There are many examples of modders; Nova boys (see nova boys) drive shitter sheds with 30hp, 90% rust and cost less than a bag of chips. Rude boys, with their 1.2 corsa, clio, saxo, 106, fiesta, escort etc, that has double the amount the car is worth, spent on it in the form of bodykits, blinging alloys and sound systems. A real modder, someone who drives a sports performance car, such as a nissan skyline, and has tuned it up from 350hp to 990hp. Credit goes to them
Craig is such a hardcore modder!
by Pickle March 8, 2005
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The people who mod in halo 2... either soft modding or hard modding
Is that a legit 50!? Nah... he's a modder...
by bobobobobobobobobobobobobobobob September 27, 2006
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1. Person who modifies/hacks a consle to make it so that in every situation that they have the advantage over everyone else.

2. Fags in MW2 who can't play the game normally and have to buy a modded controller to do so.

(Makes it so single fire guns; pistols, snipers, the FAL, shoot like automatics)

3. Person in any game who uses cheats when those cheats are not available without changing/tampering/modifying/hacking the system or computer.
1. Guy 1: Dude lets just quit this game! This guy is such a Modder!

Guy 2: Ya lets because he is shooting through walls, running super fast, and getting auto-headshots.

2. Guy 1:WOW, that fag is such a modder with his USP .45, you can't shoot that fast, i've tried to and I can't do it.

3. Guy 1: Hey, how is that guy invincible?

Guy 2: He's cheating.

Guy 1: It's online, you can't use the cheats online, only offline.

Guy 2: I think he's a modder, lets leave.
by LOLxxLOL April 11, 2010
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