When video game developers sell a game before it is done to milk more money out of their customers. It's usually broken and in the alpha or beta stages.
Timmy: "Did you see that new game on early access?"
Joe: " The one that costs $60 and doesn't work?"
Timmy: "Yeah we should buy it and support our developers."
Joe: "no."
by Bushdid911 April 15, 2015
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A term that is frequently used by lazy and greedy game developers that has two major benefits. They can respond to any complaints regarding issues with the game itself with "it's in early access, of course you'll approach bugs" or release the game in early access to make some quick money and create a hype for new content, which in some cases won't arrive. With other words, the term "Early Access" can easily be exploited to bait people to play it and at the same time drastically reduce the work trying to fix bugs and problems by blaming it on the fact that the game isn't completed, which it most likely is.
"Hey, did you see that new early access game that just got released?"
"Oh, are you talking about that game that is completely broken and as far from enjoyable as possible but still costs $50?
"Yeah, exactly. We should pick it up to support the developers so they can finish the game"
"How about no? I don't feel like getting ripped off today"
by fortniteismyreligion May 3, 2018
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• A version of a game that is available before the release date
• The type of game people would treat a beta
A. Hey dude, look at this beta version of Minecraft!
B. Cool! How many bugs have you reported to the developers?
A. ...
B. You treated it like an early access didn’t you?
A. I thought Early Access and Beta are synonyms...
by HyperGray December 20, 2019
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When an unfinished product is put into the market in attempt to outsource testing and QA.
It's not pedophilia, it's early access!
by Oreva1 August 8, 2020
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Foster is wrong and can't take being wrong he is a child
Oh no early access foster is arguing again he's wrong
by Foster is wrong December 20, 2020
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A furry that believes that because they only like a furry related character they aren't furries. (I.E. an obsession with nidalee from LoL) (Characters can't be explicitly furry I.E. crystal from star fox)
Person one "Yo, I'm pretty sure that your friend is a furry."
Person two "Nah, early access furry only"
by The darkest mandella December 19, 2017
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