Rubbish, shit, crap or just plain useless
"you are kak at driving"

"Thats just total kak!"

"That film/game/car is kak"
by Meoff March 4, 2006
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Excuse me while I go take a kak.
You speak more kak than Goerge Bush.
Kak in your eye poes!
by Mike May 2, 2003
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Youre all talkin Kak. It comes directly from the Afrikaanse (South African) word KAK which means SHIT
Gaan kak!! (Go shit!!) Jy praat kak (Your talking shit)
by PooMan UK September 4, 2006
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i will kak on your head..
i kakked on his desk..
i put it up her kak hole..or chutney pipe
by wayno May 24, 2004
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pronounced 'kuk'. lierally 'shit' in afrikaans. can be used in this context or as an extreme version of something.
dude, your kak smells bad.(bad thing)
dude, that chick is kak pretty.(good thing)
go kak, man. you're so full of kak.
by goddessrae October 9, 2006
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you seing that new film blad ?

''nah mate that looks fucking kak bruv init.

your mums kak in bed blad.

by x FuSii0nZ x April 16, 2009
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poo or something that comes out of the bumbum. can be added to other ramdom shite to make it a better word.
go kak on a monkey, you kakalicious kak monger! i bet you can't even do a kak flip!
by bridgeman May 24, 2003
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