A way of greeting/ referring directly to someone you know. It simultaneously means 'friend' and 'idiot' at the same time.
"what are you doing my gund?"
"How are you my gund?"
"No, my gund"
by Daonebest November 21, 2020
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A nickname often given to the baddest motherfucker in your posse. You will usually find him in his lifted, piped out pickup truck chasing ugly women and shitty beer. This is a man you do not fuck with.
by JackChuck1992 March 2, 2017
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I ripped of the gund
by Corgilord47 November 6, 2019
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karo is a kaki gund.
by julik12 August 5, 2009
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To distract someone momentarily to make a quirky or quick escape
My friend felt very uncomfortable talking to the intimidating man dressed in sunglasses and a black and white suit so I had to Josh Gund him by throwing a coin near him to distract him
by Yiteziah April 8, 2021
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A hardworking, comitted, and loving person. He would do anything to make his loved ones feel loved and important. His eyes never lie, might not show his affection towards u but really cares about u n ur feelings is aggressive but soft hearted. If u have him u have the world. A smile that can lighten up ur day. A touch that u will try but never forget. He is a drug that won't kill u but give u a better reason to live. He'll love u for who u r and will care for u like a gaurdian angel 😇. Love him today n he'll treasure u forever.

Oohhh darling u don't know how much i miss u i am sorry for everything that I've messed up.... Please come back.. I love u.... Ur dumbo
Random girl: Hey gunde i love u....

Gunde: Umm m sorry but my heart's already been trapped by my love dumbo...

Random girl : oohhh i wished i had a man like u to love... So committed.
by Dumbo_is_my_love November 24, 2021
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