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The resulting conversational punishment received when disagreeing with a supporter of the brexit movement
Dude, did you hear how mad he was?
Yeah, you just got a total brexecution
by DW's March 22, 2017

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The people who crowd the boarding agent's stand/area at the airport, when awaiting their turn to board the plane in an attempt to be first regardless of boarding zone or seating status.

Usually these people are accompanied by larger than normal carry on baggage and poorly executed plastic surgery. They are pushy and seemingly aware of a heightened importance and status which has obviously been self-assigned. They will always have a reason as to why they need to be first, and act surprised if they are called out on their lying, cheating mouth holes.
Look at that total Vinny Bagadoughnuts and his Boobarella girlfrined. they are totally experiencing enflightlement by cutting and crowding everyone.
by DW's March 07, 2017

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Someone who has pushed you to your maximum limit before you are ready to open-hand slap them across their tooth garage.
Jane is totally smackripe right now. she wont stop. I think I'm going to lose it.
by DW's March 07, 2017

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Naked surfing
Dude's out there man, I mean really out there.

Right on bro, wang ten
by DW's July 11, 2016

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Old men, over the age of any kind of logical use to society who insist on being in control. Usually insistent on being correct, and totally narcissistic in behavior. Often times asking someone's opinion on an issue, but quickly belittling them and criticizing the opinion as stupid or ridiculous right before they tell you the correct way. Never listens or considers anyone else but himself.

You can not win when up against old mantics (old man antics)
You know every single time he comes into the room we know we will be bombarded with "i told you so's", or "you should have's" - he's always up to Old Mantics
by DW's July 11, 2016

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Specifically, the art of being an Italian-American and living up to each and every cliche all at one time whe also being completely out of line and aggressively obtuse to other people’s social parameters. The Youngstalian will show excessive pride for his heritage but also most likely grossly misjudge the social acceptance of his perception.

Think Jersey Shore without the shore.

We’re talking open water douchebaggery.
The Youngstalians are out today in droves. Note the Italian pride license plates on that trans am coupled with the hatred for all minorities
by DW's May 27, 2018

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Anyone, (boy or girl) who is solely self defined by being a vegetarian - so much so that they cannot talk about anything else but what they cannot eat. Usually annoying to the rest of the group, the vegemite bland bitch will bring the pot luck party down hard and fast with pastey bean curd contributions. Avoidance is completely necessary in order to be able to talk about other things besides how horrible everyone else is to their bodies.
Oh shit, Karen is coming to the party on Friday.
She's a total vegemite bland bitch
by DW's July 11, 2016

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