Best equipped variant of a Pontiac firebird, sharing the same chassis as the Chevy Camaro, both collectively called "F-Body cars." A Trans Am is a Firebird, but not all Firebirds are Trans Am's, make sense? A tasteful stand-out-in-the crowd true American muscle car, for those who find Fords distasteful and Chevy's too conservative. The Pontiac Trans Am is often depicted as the ultimate badass mobile.

Trans Am's are always V-8's (except for a few 80's 3rd gen models offered with the spectacular Turbo V-6 Grand National engine.

The best examples are the 4th gen 93-97 LT1 and 98-02 LS1 powered Trans Ams. The WS6 Ram Air Trans Am is the most aggressively styled road rocket to ever hit the street. For a time was the official car of the NHRA. Often sited by car magazines as the best 'bang for the buck' musclecar money can buy.

On the road, they are imposing, rumbling, and a little indimidating to other commuters. A renegade-looking car. Outlawish. Disobedient. Muscular styling with the power to back it up and then some.
"My honday civic just got whooped by a trans am!"

"Damn...that's a nice car man. What is that, a trans am?"

"I wish I had a trans am."

"There goes that punk kid in his trans am."
by D March 29, 2004
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The ultimate rice raper. This car absolutely violates mustanges and imports. The 4th gen with the ws6 ram air and the ls1 is the most badass street car you can get for under 40 grand. they handle well, and burn tires like a junkyard. And shallow, piece of shit women everywhere cant wait to get fucked once they see you in one. :)
by TA owner May 5, 2004
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The ultimate killer of import and domestic rice. These are the cousins of Chevrolet's Camaro's. They use the F Body chassis. These are pure American Muscle cars. These were like the ricers of the 70's and 80's. Except the only difference was they had big engines, torque, and looks. But they were similar to rice in their affordable price, and who was driving them (teens).
Smartass know-it-all geek: "A Trans Am isn't really a true muscle car."

Me: "Oh yeah, your right, my '79 403 6.6 trans is not a muscle car, but your Toyota Camry sure is, damn I bet you get loads of head in that sexy 4-banger!"
by Rice Hater August 8, 2005
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The Classic muscle car. One of the longest lines of the baddest street cars of their time, even the slower 80s verisons can be made fast very easily.

abberveation for trans am is T-A.
Me:Was that civic reving his rice pipe at my 89 Trans am?
Ricer: Aw man my hondas so slow and he gets 10x the pussy in his car then any honda could ever
by justin B. June 30, 2004
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The dark horse of the 8 cylinder American pony cars that is a major headache for any challenger from any price range. A budget friendly gift from a company called Pontiac that seems to take pleasure in pummelling other motorists with irresponsible, ridiculous, over-the-top styling (some will refer to it as flashy or gawdy). The type of car for which others will often reveal their feelings of envy by finding different ways to criticize it.

It has a rich history and some of its rarest models are worth in excess of $150,000. Production ended in 2002 and it remains to be seen if the later models will become sought after collectibles on par with those of the 1960's - 70's.
Trans Ams used to be nice but they need to update the body style.
by Bigggmac April 25, 2006
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Pure badass. Comes with the ability to smoke all charley < ~ ~ > cars and is in a different ball park than their slower rival the stang. Known to haul ass anywhere they go, and burn anybody that gets in their way. They're garanteed eye candy.
My Trans Am will kill your WRX, and take your girl.
by Da Greek May 21, 2004
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One of the American sports cars that is compensation for having a small penis.
See also corvette, viper, and huge ass pickup truck.
by Matt May 25, 2005
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