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Danielle= bomb.gov/cia
Danielle was the inspiration of bomb.gov/cia, courtesy anji.
by D July 14, 2004
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penal ejactional by use of digits. must be a british girl.
then she reached down and had me drop trou so she could preform the british wink.
by d November 20, 2003
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Abbreviation for the Najamus Haiderus, a small, fuzzy, off-white rodent common to the north-eastern part of the United States. In the few decades since its discovery, the habits of this unusual creature have astonished the scientific community as it seeks to understand the peculiarities of a species bearing strange resemblances to rabbits and – interestingly enough – ferrets. Thus far, citings of Najamus Haiderus have been limited to high-density locales, usually college campuses which, given the creature’s seeming reliance on caffeinated energy sources and fondness for light and sound, is to be expected. Worth noting is the Haiderus’ routine self-imposed exile in darkness, be it the musty rooms of a library or within the fume-ridden confines of a darkroom, raising doubts as to whether there is also some genealogical link to the lemming. This practice also explains the creature’s extremely pale appearance. Besides its dependence on caffeine, Haiderus is also noted for its penchant for ice cream and (oddly) frozen burritos, all of which serve to explain this creature’s small stature and preferred habitat.
Tired and paler than usual, the small Naj shuffled across the front lawn towards the discarded coffee cup, hoping to find one last drop.
by d December 22, 2004
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Texas Holdem Poker term when a person has a hand of a Jack and a 5.
Jack + 5 = Jackson Five = Motown...Motown never loses.
by D July 21, 2004
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A economic system where People control enterprises. Every worker owns one share of his company, therefore nobody has more than one share, and the power is so desentralized that nobody could ever go corrupt. Like now but without that power-mongering owner.

Given a bad name, because it was used a long time ago under the control of dictator. But what dumbshits fail to realize is that world was coming out of Monarchy. People were used to being oppresesd, and there was mass starvation and chaos that the people were so tired of it they were willing to beleave in any Man who claimed he could bring stabiliy. Some men like this were Hitler, Lennin Stalin. At that time culture was designed for Monarchy, or dictatorship.
And also Karl Marx said that back then it woulden't have worked any way, It move from Democracy, to Socialism to Communism. So now people have a mentality to handle this system. A system without central power controlling. Then we can move to communism
Socialism fucking works

Comment submitted with request to delete; "Writer is rambling on about a Utopian wish, does not make a logical case based upon human experience, and does not seem to be particularly literate, which makes one wonder just how much they have read or studied the subject."
by D March 07, 2003
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a person with very insecure ways about him or herself - a scaredy cat or a square-lives by the book-and last but not least make's the supreme chosing of books over booze, nature over narcotics, and friendship with no benefits plan.

~see "momma's boy"
"Were tired of Pauls shit, we tried to set him up with those two freak ass hoes" and he said "em~No! and ran like a little girl himself" - geek nerd - then we said "yo' Paul, hit this shit man" and he said "drugs is bad for your body, I think ill be going now, and ran" - GEEK NERK - "then we tried to get to throw some dice, cause we were gonna hustle the little bitches money and kick his ass in an alley, and he said "you gambling at your age is illegal, im calling a police officer of the law on all of you" and then ran.

D-E-A-D- -G-E-A-K- -N-E-R-D-
by D February 13, 2004
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