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In real life--

Able to read and write.

In roleplaying--

A good roleplayer. Specifically, a literate roleplayer does not use chatspeak, spells word correctly, and has proper usage and grammar. Literates are less likely to be desperates or n00bs and generally roleplays well.

If you see a thread with "LITERATE ROLEPLAY/LITERATES ONLY" in the subject line, it means they only accept people who have good grammar.
1. The literacy rate is 97% in America, meaning 97% of Americans can read and write.

2. The difference between a literate roleplayer and an advanced roleplayer is that being advanced specifically states that you are good at writing (i.e. descriptions, characters) but literate just means you have good grammar, although they're often used interchangeably.
by Newbia April 10, 2005
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1) A person possessing reading and writing skills that remain acceptable by the standards of the English language.
2) A member belonging to the nearly unknown society of persons able to string a sentence together without the addition of such terms including ur, hott, omg, lolz, wft, and so forth...
Literate: Did you see that girl knock out the math teacher?

Non-Literate: omg did u see tha mofo slung that fag in his fuckin ballz??

(Grammar error fixed by CPU Killer)
by CPU Killer January 31, 2005
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Able to read and write in one's native language. The opposite of 'literate' is 'illiterate'.
You're not smart. You're not even literate!
by Diggity Monkeez February 13, 2005
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A rare breed of person who types correctly, using corrent grammer & punctuation where necessary. They are often for elitists because of their desire to mingle with other literates.

They detest things such as chatspeak, which is often called "shorthand" by illiterates. Some literates can deal with said chatspeak, while others cannot.
This is a Literates Only room. We came here to have actual discussions without the chatspeak.
by Morava March 07, 2007
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1) A word that is ficticious to most people. 2) Having knowlage of how to read and write.
If you are literate, you can read this sentence.
by Kyle "The Yellow Dart" Zager November 29, 2003
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