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ANYone who owns or drives a Yugo
easiest comparison: Danny Devito or Bette Midler in the movie DROWNING MONA
by craig December 20, 2003
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I am a Neowinian, you will ph33r meh, because I am teh own joo. Sure you might get laid, but I will hax0r jo0!
by craig July 4, 2004
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when you have honey slapped on your dick, then get a blow and have it sucked off
i got honey suckled
by craig March 12, 2003
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Innefective medication given to someone to psychologically make them well. They think that they have been given medication that makes them better so their mind makes themself get better because they think the drug is taking effect. Confusing.
Dr. Jimbob: We got a guy at the front desk complaining that he is critically ill. I don't think he is though, I mean I've checked him over and he's fine.

Dr. Thomas: Just give him a placebo, that should sort it.
by craig March 26, 2005
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yamina is a tall blonde german chick whom is very attractive and loves craig robbins.
by craig December 24, 2004
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A boagan is an aussie beer drinking bloke who wears tight jeans and a checked shirt and has a mullet
nobody likes a boagan
look at that dero boagan
by craig March 2, 2005
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(n.) A want-to be pimp and player. He get even get play from his mamma.
There is a boria being turned down by another girl.
by craig March 31, 2003
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