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I am a Neowinian, you will ph33r meh, because I am teh own joo. Sure you might get laid, but I will hax0r jo0!
by craig July 4, 2004
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when you have honey slapped on your dick, then get a blow and have it sucked off
i got honey suckled
by craig March 12, 2003
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wow her tits were so big i had to give her a tit ride
by craig January 26, 2005
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Totally Ka-nackard, when something is totally beyond repair or broken. Absolutely shafted! that is shafted meaning broken.
Damn my computer blew up with smoke and everything, its totally "basticated"
by craig September 21, 2004
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river city character
kick ass character with a low manly voice who has some of the best scottish one liners on a scottish soap
"i love Roisin she is a legend, she is fierce"

"she is such a Roisin i love her!"
by craig January 26, 2005
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Someone who has lost the plot and has no idea what time of day it is. Often talks incessantly about nothing in particular, regardless of whether you are listening to them or not. Also bonkers and hatstand.
You know Nichola King? She's totally cuckoo
by craig May 10, 2004
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