161 definitions by craig

Usually a phrase said when people are being silent to make them laugh! Or, if you have a knife in your eye!
There's a knife in my eye!..... So what did you do yesterday?
by craig May 09, 2004
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The word Tight can be used to mean Unfair.
Guy 1: Sorry I can't come out, I'm grounded.
Guy 2: That is so tight!
by craig May 06, 2004
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A term for when people go to a cosmetic surgeon to have their breasts augmented. They are given a brochure to look through, with all the different permutations available.
"Wow, have you seen the amount of boobs in this book?" "Yes, it's like being in Tit City!"
by craig October 10, 2004
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when some chucks a bucket of tar on you and then get a ripped up pillow hit around you. it is vertually impossible to get off. Usually happens on stag doos
by craig March 12, 2003
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A medical condition in which your ass looks like a bull's head. Not to be confused with taruodontism or ghetto booty. See also Nita, iwillmotherfuckingkillyou
'So she told me to check THIS. And so I looked, and sure enough, she had tauroassism. I didnt see that coming, but it explains all the snorting coming from her butt.'
by craig May 29, 2003
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