164 definitions by Craig

a White guy with black qualities
Anyone by the name of Craige
by Craig December 11, 2003
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a homeless person; hobo
The waif was stealing shit.
by craig January 19, 2004
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A goon that is excessively annoying and is addicted to cheese. A Lars dislikes, cofee, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or swearing.
Look at that Lars! He's a goon and he yelled at me cause I swore.
by Craig June 30, 2003
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When in one session of sexual pleasures, you recieve a hand job, blow job, sex, anal sex and finish up with a tit wank. And only cum once at the end during the tit wank.
Damn dude i had a great coitus interuptus, i kept going for soo long
by craig March 11, 2003
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Some guy who plays guitar for CKY, and hangs around with Bam Margera
Chad Ginsberg hangs out with CKY and Bam Margera
by Craig April 19, 2005
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a song about the singer's boyfriend's apartment, performed by the band HIROSHIMA on their 1987 album titled GO
311, I want to be there, forget about my troubles with you...
by Craig December 19, 2003
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Slang term for ketamine
Do you want another line of clarky cat?
by craig December 01, 2003
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