The slang term for soda that is used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Like the Midwest has "pop"....the Rocky Mountains have fizz.
Chelsea and I are so thirsty! Hey kiki, can u pass us a fizz.
by jumbojet11 August 14, 2007
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fizz is what happens when a female gets wet or squirts
by saw.por.sue July 14, 2010
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a carbonated drink, especially soda or champagne
This fizz is stale.
by The Return of Light Joker March 25, 2010
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"Kid said fizz on the rocks with a straw, what are you waiting on, a flavor specification? Why don't you ask him what he'd like first, as you can view I am reading the advertisement boasting about your cuisine selections."
by noixz January 14, 2009
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creamy, bubbly, runny stuff that drips out of a girls pussy once she reaches her climax
Her fizz tasted very sweet and salty
by Juan Torres May 23, 2005
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