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doing things you arent supposed to do!
Sneaking out with Jimmy was fun.
by cosmo March 27, 2004

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slammin', fly, super-fine, unfathomably hot and oh-so-delicious. irresistable - not that you would try to resist.
Did you see Matt this morning? Damn if that ass didn't look boomin'!
by cosmo August 25, 2004

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A males penis, also can be used to show a very annoying male
Example #1 When Janie asked russell to fuck for a second time he said sorry baby my sausage is overcooked and dilapidated

Example #2 That sausage is an asshole, I hope he sticks his sausage in a meat grinder and shoves it up his ass
by Cosmo August 03, 2003

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When spooning, the partner on the inside. Usually the woman, or shorter partner. Used without an article. (ie, "I like being little spoon," not "I like being the little spoon")

see also meatball.
Jenna prefers to be little spoon.
by Cosmo July 13, 2005

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A conflict in which two parties (ususally male) are vehemently disputing something of limited relevance. Generally, both parties are somewhat wrong, but each refuses to be back down for fear of being thought the have the smaller of their two penises. Similar to a pissing match, but generally, the conflict involved involves a larger element of machismo, and continues on only because neither side wants to be seen as the one who backs down.
The White House and the Conservative Right have been in a real dick measuring contest over the qualifications of this new Supreme Court apointee, Harriet Meiers.
by Cosmo October 12, 2005

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a stuffy college professor word that describes when you use part of an object to refer to the whole object. If you call you gun a "nine," or refer to a guy who is mean as a "dick," thats synecodche. Like most college professor words, it is originally greek, transferred into Latin and then imported into english.
"Man I can't go out tonight. I got no wheels"

(since he says "wheels" but means "car," this is synecdoche.)
by cosmo July 20, 2004

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When one is using Macintosh OS X, and the computer crashes by turning the cursor into a pinwheel and not letting you do anything. SImilar to the Blue Screen of death from the old Windows NT days, but, like many Apple products, cuter and more friendly looking.
"Whoops! I tried to open two programs at once on this iMac with the stock 256mb of RAM. Now the keyboard and mouse button aren't working."

"Yup. Looks like you got the old pinwheel of death."
by cosmo October 22, 2005

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