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A run-together form of "and her body". Generally used immediately after butterface as a polite, face-saving and somewhat humorous way to say that a woman is not good looking, nor blessed with an aesthetically pleasing body.

It could conceivably be used to describe a similarly unattractive gentleman, thought to my knowledge, it has never been used in this fashion.
Spencer: Did you see that girl knut hooked up with last night?
Cosmo: Yeah, a real Butterface Anderbody.
Spencer: Good personality, though.
Cosmo: Oh, of course...
by Cosmo March 20, 2006
A condition, similar to blueballs but applicable to women, in which the genital area is flooded with blood for so long without release that it becomes painful. Can be both a noun and a verb, and used literally or figureatively.
"I was totally going to do it with this guy last night, and we were all making out and what not, then he left, and now I've got a nasty case of bluebox."

"Considering the way the White house owns Congress right now, Harriet Miers is gonna feel totally blueboxed if she doesn't get confirmed."
by Cosmo October 4, 2005
a stuffy college professor word that describes when you use part of an object to refer to the whole object. If you call you gun a "nine," or refer to a guy who is mean as a "dick," thats synecodche. Like most college professor words, it is originally greek, transferred into Latin and then imported into english.
"Man I can't go out tonight. I got no wheels"

(since he says "wheels" but means "car," this is synecdoche.)
by Cosmo July 20, 2004
Money's most powerful ability is to allow bad people to continue doing bad things at the expense of those who don't have it.
money is an (un)neccessary evil. see: anarchy
by Cosmo December 24, 2003
A formerly homosexual person (usually male; for females hasbian is preferred) who is currently in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
"Knut used to be dating Brad, but now he's dating liz."

"Sounds like another yestrosexual"
by Cosmo August 9, 2004
when a worker in a menial, white collar job simply skips a day (or several) without explanation to his boss or coworkers. Taken from the movie "Office Space", in which the main character does just that.

Also "pulling an Office Space", "taking an Office Space" "I Office Spaced todauy" etc.
Chris: Hey broseph, where were you at work yesterday?

Kevin: Eh, I was Office Spacing.

by Cosmo November 3, 2006
A fairly wealthy person with Democratic (as opposed to Republican) political leanings. Often carries the connotation that their lifetsyle is not entirely in sync with the philosophy of their politics. Found in high concentrations around Aspen, Colorado and Berkeley, California.
Dick: "Look at that! Another GMC Envoy with a Kerry/Edwards bumpersticker."

Jane: "Looks like another SUV Democrat."
by Cosmo July 13, 2005