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a condom. combination of jimmy (or jimmy hat) and toe jam.
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
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"You need some jimjams, man?"

"No, dude. And besides, they're "jim-jams."
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
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condoms. a combination of "Jimmy hat" and "Toejam"
"Yo, man. Last night, Chris had to run out and find some jim-jams at 3am."

"Eh, dumbass should have planned ahead."
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
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A verb, meaning to conceal a beer can (or similar sized container of alcoholic beverage inside of a glove, so that it may be consumed discreetly (relatively speaking) in a public environment.

Though similar acts were most likely present wherever the underaged had easy access to beer, the first cited example of "gloving" a beer occured when Christopher L. Dunn, of Williamstown, MA, slipped a Bud Light into Jahan Bruce's left Isotoner at the Thompson Rink, during a Mt. Greylock v. Pittsfield High hockey game in the winter of 2000.
"Hey, what's up with that kid back there? He looks like he's drinking out of a mitten."

"Yeah, that's just Dunn. He's glovin' it tonight."
by Cosmo June 22, 2004
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Inserting a beer or other alcoholic beverage into a glove or similarly innocent object for the purpose of inconspicuous consumption. Frequently used at public activities to dodge open container, public intoxication and underaged drinking laws.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drinking out of that glove?

Chris: So that cop over there doesn't arrest me for an open container violation. It's called gloving.
by Cosmo November 03, 2006
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A novice female, generally one from the city attempting an outdoor sport. A female Joey. Generally not used as an adjective, though.

Originates with people from the greater Boston or NYC areas traveling to ski resorts in northern New England or Upstate NY, and shouting things like "Hey, Janey! Janey, hit the jump!" to each other, when they clearly have no idea what they're doing.
"Look at that freakin' Janey. I saw her out skiing this morning and she didn't make it off the Green lift once."
by Cosmo October 04, 2005
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A conflict in which two parties (ususally male) are vehemently disputing something of limited relevance. Generally, both parties are somewhat wrong, but each refuses to be back down for fear of being thought the have the smaller of their two penises. Similar to a pissing match, but generally, the conflict involved involves a larger element of machismo, and continues on only because neither side wants to be seen as the one who backs down.
The White House and the Conservative Right have been in a real dick measuring contest over the qualifications of this new Supreme Court apointee, Harriet Meiers.
by Cosmo October 12, 2005
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