1. The act of bending over, pulling down one's pants and showing an innocent person one's ass.

2. A person who *is* an ass. When in situations where the word a$$ is verboten (eating dinner with older relatives, giving a speech in English class at school, or talking on radio or tv), the word "moon" is an acceptable substitute for "ass".
"OMG, that hottie just mooned us! I'm so stoked"

<insert name here> is acting like a spoiled little girl. He's such a moon!
by Von Man February 05, 2010
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Cryptocurrency slang. If something is "mooning," that means a coin's price is experiencing a spike.
Bitcoin price is headed to the moon!
Ethereum price is mooning!!
by yinpiaomeister August 29, 2018
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1. the buttocks

2. to display one's nude buttocks
Jim got sent to the principal's office for mooning in school today.
by Light Joker December 14, 2004
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the act of showing ones naked ass for pleasure or any other stupid reason. usually done by fucktards and other equally stupid persons.

also is the big round bright thing you see on the skies at night. also a name.
When you weren't looking, the faggot pulled down her pants, bent over, and mooned you.
by Your local Blasian February 15, 2009
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Other than its use as a noun (our moon) and a verb (to moon someone), 'moon' can be used as a way to say goodbye. It is short for "See you on the moon", a pseudo-common way to say goodbye.
Tim: Alright man, I have to leave.
Eric: Ok, we'll see you.
Tim: Yep, moon.
by Timmy Sanders December 09, 2007
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The moon is super shy. They only look us in the eyes once a month. But when the moon looks at us, they give us their happiest smile and they are the brightest face in the night sky. Almost impossible not to notice them when this happens.

Maybe the reason why the Moon hesitates to look at us is because they see all the awesome stuff happening in our civilization and they feel inferior?
*people arguing*
Person A: Hey look, the moon's out!
Person B: Cool.
by Helispark November 02, 2019
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to welch on a bet
You ever get paid on that bet?

Nah man, I got mooned by that fag.
by sjandb October 21, 2008
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