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When playing a baseball-like sport, the act of taking a mighty chop at the ball, but making only slight contact, so the ball hits the ground and rolls only a few pathetic feet. Essentially, it has the effect of a bunt while still allowing the batter to look manly (if foolish) by making a full swing.

Man bunts that fail to either advance a runner or land the batter safely on base are not acutally man bunts, but just plain ole' screwing up.
(Chris takes a hard swing, but just nips the ball. It rolls gingerly down the 3rd base line, but remains fair as Chris sprints safely to first base).

First Baseman: that was total BS.
Chris: Pshaw! That was skill. Don't you know a good man bunt when you see one?
by cosmo July 18, 2006
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To be named Sir Flip and not know how to spell. Stems from the Latin root of Pasco De Gama.
It's not refuring, it's reffering.
by cosmo March 06, 2005
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The mandatory three day waiting period between obtaining someone's number and calling them back. So named because obsessive psychopaths categorically fail to pass it.
Kevin: Yo, Chris, you talk to that dime piece you were flirting with over the weekend?

Chris: Naw, man. Still haven't passed the psycho test yet.
by cosmo August 25, 2008
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A males penis, also can be used to show a very annoying male
Example #1 When Janie asked russell to fuck for a second time he said sorry baby my sausage is overcooked and dilapidated

Example #2 That sausage is an asshole, I hope he sticks his sausage in a meat grinder and shoves it up his ass
by cosmo August 03, 2003
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a way for white folks to say the n-word without getting their eye-teeth slapped in. Comes from Dave Chappelle's skit "The Black White Supremacist," in which Clayton Biggsby's overdone backwoods Southern accent turns the short "i" sound to something more along the lines of an "ay" sound. variations include: Nayger, negar, nahger etc.
"I hate neagers!" - Clayton Biggsby, a fictional KKK member (played by Dave Chappelle) who was born blind and raised by white supremacists, thus hating black people without ever realising that he himself is one.
by cosmo January 20, 2005
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When one is using Macintosh OS X, and the computer crashes by turning the cursor into a pinwheel and not letting you do anything. SImilar to the Blue Screen of death from the old Windows NT days, but, like many Apple products, cuter and more friendly looking.
"Whoops! I tried to open two programs at once on this iMac with the stock 256mb of RAM. Now the keyboard and mouse button aren't working."

"Yup. Looks like you got the old pinwheel of death."
by cosmo October 22, 2005
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When a male augments a traditional moon by tucking his scrotum between his legs, creating something that vaguely resembles two flesh-colored plums in a basket.

See also: fruit salad
Kevin: Should we moon that guy in the H2 at the next stoplight?

Chris: Dude, he got the champagne-colored H2. That's worth at least plums in a basket
by cosmo November 06, 2007
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