Came before Vista.

Irritating Fanboys and silly marketing campaigns (albeit now Microsoft have emulated them too- see the pattern here?) cloud its actual benefits, but its largely used for its creative capabilities. And when I say, "capabilities" I mean Logic and Final Cut work only on OS X, Industry-standard programs.

A 'true' user of OS X is generally quite irritated and bemused by fanboys and marketing campaigns and couldn't careless what OS you use or how much money he/she paid for it, because it works for them and they are rather pleased no one bothers making Virus' for their OS.
Apple Fanboy: "lolololol OS X is sooo cooool and I liek it lots I can make coooool beats and moovies lol and adverts!!11!!"

Microsoft Fanboy: "yeeeeah lololol youre sooo ghey I can play videogames lolo and DOS websites, gg n00b"

"True OS X user" : "So I've got a job and get laid regularly. Both of you Sod off"
by AnonOSXuser January 6, 2009
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The world's best, most secure and fastest operating system. Made by the world's best computing company, Apple. Based on the rock-solid UNIX. Beats the crap out of Windows XP
PC User: "When was the last time your computer crashed?"
Me: "A long time ago, before i got Mac OS X"
by HSVCoupe June 10, 2004
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As of now, OS X is the latest release of the Mac OS. It is commonly used by less-educated people, generally people that are gullible enough to believe the lies and slander that Apple says in their desperation to sell Macs. Here's some real facts:

Speed: The G5 Processor (what OS X runs on) is what Apple claims to be the fastest processor in the world. They released several irrelevant and suspicious benchmark tests that supposedly "proved" that this was true. However, Apple's policy to lie about their performance still stands. ACTUAL benchmarks have proven that Mac OS X running on a G5 is not only NOT the fastest operating system in the world -- it's slower than a Dell Pentium running Windows NT 4! If you want proof about this, just conduct a google search for "Apple lies G5", and you'll see what I mean.

Security: Mac OS X (and previous versions of the Mac OS) have generally been virus-free. However, this proves nothing about Apple's capabilities of creating a secure operating system. Nobody bothers to write viruses for the Mac. Why would they? Over 90% of people that use computers use PC's running Windows. Virus writers want to infect the most amount of computers in the world, so they attack Windows instead. Nobody wants to infect a Mac because hardly anybody uses them.

Stability: Mac OS X has a FreeBSD/UNIX kernel (core). Having used BSD myself, I have to admit that it is a good, stable operating system. However, it's evident that Apple managed to cripple the BSD kernel before they used it to base OS X. I've used OS X myself and it crashes a lot more than my eMachines running Windows 2000.

Support: Ha! Apple's idea of support is a bunch of pages telling you how great all their products are. After filling out a form and submitting your problem, THEN you are told that you won't get a personal response. Thanks a lot, Apple.

Also, the fact that Mac's can now run Windows is pitiful. All Apple is saying is that their own capabilities of creating an operating system suck so badly that they have to make computers capable of running Windows. Mac users have been bashing Windows for years, and now they want to use it?

Thats pathetic...
Mac user: OS X is faster, more secure, more stable, and easier to get support for than any release of Windows.

Me: *Bursts into raucous laughter at the mac user's stupidity*
by Macinshit August 22, 2006
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Apple's Unix distribution. Properly utilizes a multicore CPU for the best multiprocessing experience, properly manages RAM and efficiently runs the machine, for as low as 4 hours to as much as 10 hours of continuous use on a MacBook, compared to 3 hours maximum on a Windows PC. Very difficult to obtain a virus, string, robust, reliable, and, if properly taken care of, can last well over a decade. It's worth it's price!
Guy: "Hey, can I try out OS X? I'm tired of Windows!
by Proud Apple User June 14, 2015
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Apple OS X is the equivalent of Windows 3.1 - but with a dock.
by moltovivace July 22, 2005
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One of the worst OS's in the market. The OS Has limited capabilities, and limited 3rd party software compared to it's advesaries.

It's fairly obvious that they are suffering, why else would they now allow Windows to be installed on a Mac? Because Windows is more functional than OS X and people know that.

Finally, the makers of OS X, Apple, is an attempt at a monopoly over you once you buy their product. Mac this, iPoo that, with other OS's, you can get choose from a multitude of 3rd party addons or software that OS X can't compare to.

Most people complain about Other OS's problems, however these are usually because of carelessness and things THEY downloaded. When OS X crashes, it crashes.
Person A: "My Windows PC keeps crashing, why?"
Person B: "Because you got a virus. It' called W32.whatever."

Person A: "My Mac keeps crashing, why?"
Person B: "Because you got a virus. It's called OS X"
by tehTruth1 October 3, 2006
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greatest user system ever. Much better than vista. Vista never runs right at al on PCs and vista users had to have the mock XP setting just to make it run better. Macs even run vista better than PCs. Most of the the business world uses Macs or has plans to switch to them. More people are starting to use macs for there ease of use and the relatively few problems. Many games are released for PC instead of Macs ( a terrible conspiracy by Windows companies) but Macs ability to have both OS X and Vista or XP on it defeats that. Macs are amazing computers and derserve more understanding than they get.
Previous poster who talked down to Macs: Macs and OS X are terrilbe and for idiots.

Me: (Laughing very loudly.) Says you.
by 57bADGUY57 August 11, 2008
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