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the name 'colm' translates in the gaelic language as 'dove', as in the bird of peace and love.
check out the colm on that fella!
by colm March 24, 2005

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em,er, Me
Me :colm
by colm April 26, 2003

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a term used to describe someone's mother
"that's not what your aul one said last night"
"your aul one loves the cock!"
by Colm November 30, 2004

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Small town in the West Midlands, near to Coventry.

Known for.... well, fuck all actually.

Large and growing contingent of yuppies. Has a sizable student population.
One Underage Birmingham Kid to Another: Hey dude! Why don't we go drinking in Leam?? They NEVER ID us there.
by Colm November 15, 2003

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Pre-farting sensation. Can be a pleasant experience
Those beans ave me a terrible bout of fessence
by Colm November 30, 2004

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a term originating from Navan used to describe walking around doing nothing or hanging around Supermacs
Are you coming down to the shopping centre?
For da sneer!
by Colm November 30, 2004

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Associated Press.
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat met Saturday with Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia in an effort to finalize a new Palestinian Cabinet, which has been in limbo for weeks amid a dispute between the two men.
by Colm November 08, 2003

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