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1. a person from Palestine; human like the rest of us with the same innate desires to be free, love, live and let live. Often a person struggling to retain his or her freedom under Israeli occupation and oppression.
2. An object from or originating in Palestine
Palestinian rap: A Palestinian's method of resistance without violence.
by nakba61 May 11, 2009
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Palestinians are known as the hotties of the Middle East.

Palestinian girls are the hottest girls in the Middle East and are the most humble and modest unlike other people.

Some Palestinians have black hair, some brown, some blonde, some red, some green eyes, some blue, some brown, some tall some short, for girls some curvy some petitie, a great variety in beauty.

They look generally Mediteranean.
35% Of Palestinians are Christian and the rest Muslim, but both live in peace together and share their hotness

if one is called a palestinian it is the synonym to being called sexy.

A Palestinian man is known to be the strongest man in the middle east and the most masculine, also the hottest. Other men pretend to be Palestinian to get women to look at them.

Palestinian people are so hot that the world cant take their sexiness so they pretend they do not exist.
Ahmed: "Hey check out Jenine over there, she is so hot!"

Tony: "Yeah she is Palestinian akhi"

Ahmed: "I wish I was a Palestinian man!"
by Pretty Palestinian August 25, 2009
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-A native or inhabitant of Palestine
-Pertaining to that area
-One of a group often ascribed characteristics (positive and negative) in an ignorant fashion by people of strong bias in other countries.

Also see Israeli
The Palestinian was a normal human being just like everyone else.
by ru August 10, 2004
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