A way to say i love you and goodbye at the same time. A way of life no need for wars just peace.
peace and love dogs i gotta go
by Trevor Perrenoud October 12, 2006
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Peace and love is a pinger , in other words its a pill which contains substances such as mdma, sometimes ket and other substances, in addition it will give you the best night of your life and you'll be gurning your nut off.
Oh man, I just dropped a red peace and love I can't wait to come up
by seshgremlin2001 May 16, 2018
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A term originally coined by Ringo Starr but later popularized by internet personality Ethan Klein. It is used in a bid to calm an individual when an offensive comment is being made towards them.
by lemonsinsocks February 25, 2021
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Away to say goodbye to your fellow people
Someone:C ya later, ok!
You:Peace and Love
by skankthenightaway March 20, 2005
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The new way of saying no offense. Originally used by Ringo Starr just as a catchphrase, but now coined by H3H3 as the new no offense.
by guudfuud February 20, 2021
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Having peace and love will give you a good life and will kill all darkness
Fabie does not have peace and love and therefore she is leaving a horrible life
by Canelo111 November 17, 2017
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Peace and Love is a tight-knit group of studs at Cranbrook School , known for their extraordinary banter and fun-loving ability to 'double down'. The group is infamous for the excessive amounts of play and partying that they indulge in, although some members are known to 'get none'. Peace and Love can be spotted in various locations such as 'the table', the grassy knoll and down Sugar Lane.
"Oh my god, apparently Peace and Love is making an appearance at the function, thank god"
by peaceandlovefan361 September 1, 2023
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