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Small asorted color/flavor candy contained in a small box (each box is 2.25 oz.) Now available in tropical.
At the theater, a box of dots will cost about $35.
by chicken May 25, 2004

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An inhumanly disturbing birth defect. A victim would have extremely hard, bleach-white skin, and possibly red blotches near its eyes. As the word harlequin suggests, it has abnormally-shaped skin which breaks off easily, as well as odd-looking lips. It does not live to be very long, as it loses too much blood.
Seriously, PLEASE don't look it up. I know I sound like a chicken, but believe me, there is nothing worse I have seen in my entire life.
It is hard to believe that the harlequin fetus is human.
by chicken December 19, 2003

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a feces that is mostly liquid. kept in a bucket labled "doo doo"
Jared eats R.Kelly's doo doo butter
by Chicken March 13, 2004

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a girl who will basically do anything sexual, anywhere at anytime.
"this girl Natalie is such a go liver"
by ChicKen March 21, 2004

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The awesome band that sings Bad Touch, mainly knowns as Discovery Channel.
The Bloodhound Gang fucking rock
by Chicken April 22, 2004

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A bastardization of the concatenation of "told" and "owned"
Oh dang...you just got towned.
by Chicken October 18, 2004

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Thoes scary rat things off the quizno's subs commercial.
Sponge monkeys scare the shit out of me.
by Chicken March 19, 2004

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