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A city in southern california often mistaken for Anaheim Hills. Looks great to people that don't live there because of Disneyland, the convention center, the pond of Anaheim, etc. but contains plenty of gang activity not usually mentioned in the media. To outsiders it can be seen as a fun place to live but to anaheim residents it is often seen as dirty, ghetto and overcrowded. Mostly inhabited by lower income residents and the very few whites that were left behind during the white flight. Often called Anacrime by locals.
People who don't live in Anaheim: "I would love to live in Anaheim because Disneyland is so close, it would be so fun!"

People who live in Anaheim: "Man I can't wait to get a good job and move out of Anacrime, I hate it here!"

Anaheim residents: "Did you hear the helicopter overhead the past few nights looking for the gang member?" "Yeah the pilot said to lock my doors and wait for the police dogs because the gang member is hiding somewhere. Same thing as last week just a different person this time, so I'm used to it." "Oh yeah I'm used to it too, man I hate Anacrime.."
by always honest January 27, 2016
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Anaheim is one of the best cities in California. It is quite possibly one of the most entertaining cities for its size, it's got Disney land, the disney land resort, the convention center, and a kickass nightlife. It has also been ranked as one of the safest cities for its size. It's a clean, fun, entertaining city.

Everybody thinks it's part of Los Angeles, but we're not, we're much different than LA.

Anaheim is easily one of the greatest cities in California, ranking up there with San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.
by r-o-k August 09, 2007
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The Mayans fled to the Anaheim for cover
The City Of Anaheim in Ragnarok
The Armor I got from Valhalla Knights was made in Anaheim
by gearzero October 26, 2010
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